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August 3, 2022

Did you know that you can have a hand in your own health?

People often put their trust in modern medical treatments and drugs to heal diseases. But the problem is that modern medicine compartmentalizes our bodies, treating them as isolated parts. Your body is not various parts stuck together; it works as a whole. You can achieve a more complete healing with less side effects and costly treatments through holistic healing.

Quantum healing is one of those holistic techniques, because healing can take place at a spiritual level. Diseases start in the mind. So with positive thoughts and changing our frame of mind, we can take an active role in our day-to-day health. Your health begins with you, and you can manifest better health.

But what exactly is quantum healing? What are the mechanisms behind it? Is there science that supports it? And what does energy have to do with our healing?

Let’s explore energy and healing.

What Is Quantum Energy?

Quantum energy is defined as the smallest quantity of radiant energy.

That definition was offered by Nobel laureate Max Planck. He discovered that photons, including light, are bundles of energy rather than a continuous wave. When photons travel in waves, they are discrete bundles of energy.

But this energy isn’t just in light. Quantum energy is in all particles, such as electrons, protons, neutrons. Even large collections of atoms — such as human beings — have them. All atoms are invested with a certain amount of quantum energy.

We are all groups of particles. Therefore, events that occur at the subatomic level can also affect us.

And that’s how quantum energy comes into healing.

What Are The Origins of Quantum Healing?

Quantum healing gives you a measure of power over your own body. It's not a quick and easy fix, but it can provide you with a measure of control over your health. Using the power of your mind, you can affect the state of your body.

Unfortunately, many view it as pseudoscience — that’s where all the controversy around it comes from.

But here’s the main concept behind it. Quantum healing combines ideas from mind–body medicine with physics, meditation, and Eastern medicine. By doing so, it is said to heal your body, mind, and spirit by actively creating an energy transition at the subatomic level.

Quantum healers often explain this energy transition as using your body’s “life force” to heal you from within. That life force is similar to the Chinese “chi” or the Indian “prana”.

Quantum energy is a modern concept based on the medical information of cultures all across the world. These holistic techniques are designed to join modern data with energy concepts for a well-rounded approach.

How Does It Work?

Here are the main points on how quantum healing works:

  1. All the matter in the world contains energy constantly vibrating at different frequencies.

  2. Underlying all of this motion is an ubiquitous force known as “vacuum energy” or “zero point energy”.

  3. When a particle moves through the vacuum energy, it creates waves. A particle in a quantum field shares properties with a molecule in a solution.

  4. With the right wavelength at the right time, electrostimulating living tissue at a subcellular level is possible. If don't correctly, it may create specific beneficial therapeutic effects.

  5. It's possible to create new healing techniques that may help augment existing medical approaches. It can also progress our knowledge of human health.

What pushed holistic healing into the public eye was Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine. Quantum Healing is a book written by spiritual guru Deepak Chopra in 1989.

Chopra wrote about the ancient healing traditions in his home country, India. In the book, he combined newfound knowledge with what he knew about Western medicine, physics, and neuroscience. This combination let him develop a method for people to use their body’s energy to heal from within.

You might be able to use these methods even if you're not sick to improve your physical and mental performance.

Quantum energy forms the backbone of these methods. Rather than subject yourself to experimental modern techniques, these ideas may be a line toward holistic healing.

What Are The Controversies?

Many people think of this information as a pseudoscience offering false hope to people suffering from diseases, mental health problems, and other conditions.

Detractors claim that there is no scientific data to support the claims put forth by quantum healers. They also insist that it’s dangerous to claim that quantum healing can possibly cure cancer and other diseases because it might lead to some people to forgo treatments in favor of alternative holistic methods.

Quantum Healing and Modern Medicine

The data supporting these holistic methods has its roots in the wisdom of ancient cultures. Civilizations all around the world have concepts surrounding the idea of life energy. They also describe how we can take an active role in manipulating our health. It's vital to give credit where credit is due; our ancestors led the way in medical knowledge. It's essential to view their ideas with an open mind.

The holistic approach makes for an excellent adjunct to augment healing. The mental benefits alone are a significant reason to try it out. For instance, mental stress is known to cause a plethora of problems on human health. The techniques that quantum healing features will include ways to decrease stress and possibly reduce the effects of illnesses. Ancient knowledge and modern science can work together as a team for human health, rather than as opponents.

Quantum energy bridges the gap between mind and body. After all, your brain already controls every system in your body. Using quantum energy lets you take an active role in how it works.

How Can You Get Quantum Healing?

There are many ways to embark on your healing journey. However, critical to your health is finding reliable information about the methods you want to use.

It’s always best to seek out an expert to guide you towards wellness. Most illnesses involve an imbalance in the vibrations of your particles. Holistic healing will touch on this concept and use it to power a well-rounded approach to your health.

Quantum healers try to create a high frequency of life energy and then focus it on a problem area. Doing so amplifies our body’s natural healing abilities. A quantum healer modifies your energy levels, setting them into a state that can benefit your health.

They could also heal you through hypnosis to connect with your Higher Self, subconscious, past lives, and more. Some healers can even provide their services over the phone or Internet, regardless of distance.

It's best to find healers to provide guidance as you begin your healing journey. While quantum healing has fewer risks compared to traditional medicine, it's vital to do it correctly.

If you want to explore holistic healing and find more information about it, sign up to Bliss Up Now. It's never too late to find out how energy healing can help you achieve optimal health. You’ll learn how to enter the a state of good health and eliminate pain. Whether with an energy healer or simply on your own, quantum healing may help you!