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August 3, 2022

When mental or physical pain disrupts your quality of life, who would you consult?

Most people would say their doctor or health care providers. And that’s understandable. Modern medicine is a trustworthy treatment for different health conditions. No wonder the first thing that would pop into people’s minds would be conventional treatment. However, there are people that find spiritual energies or forces helpful.

Skeptics question the potential of spiritual energies healers. But with more and more people swearing by its power, spiritual healing is worth exploring.

What Is A Spiritual Healer?

A spiritual healer heals people — or helps people heal themselves.

The ailments that spiritual healers treat can range from a headache to cancer. They also seek to treat flaws of the mind or soul, such as timidity and paranoia. Spiritual healing techniques are diverse. They're derived from various spiritual and religious practices.

“Energy healer” is also another term used for spiritual healers. Among those who practice the healing arts are reiki masters and Christian healers. Most spiritual healers do not often attribute their practice to a certain religion.

Anyone that strengthens a patient’s “chi” or life force to promote health can be a spiritual healer.

How Does Spiritual Healing Work?

Simply put, spiritual healing is the interaction between a healer and a person with a disease. The helaer attempts to bring about an improvement in the illness.

Spiritual healers believe they channel healing energy from a greater power. By transferring that energy into the patient, they promote healing. It’s often used as a complementary technique to medical interventions.

There are many methods in spiritual healing, including:

  • Healing prayer. Also known as distant healing prayer, the healer uses the power of faith heal your pain or disease.

  • Meditation. This helps you relieve stress and tensions from your mind and body.

  • Mental healing. It’s the process of alleviating mental or physical illness through the power of the mind. Methods include visualization and manipulation of energy.

  • Tai chi. It involves gentle physical exercises and stretches.

  • Yoga. Yoga calms the mind and relieves stress. It uses specific exercises called poses, breathing techniques and meditation principles.

  • Creative therapies. Such therapies involve expression through art based activities, such as music, dance, and art.

People who undergo spiritual healing report positive feelings and increased well-being. Others feel symptomatic relief of medical complaints. Moreover, they describe changes in their self concepts and life values.

What Should You Expect In A Typical Spiritual Healing Session?

Spiritual healing always begins with the willingness to be changed.

You should determine why you need healing before looking for spiritual healing. With physical illness, these needs may seem obvious. Mental and spiritual ailments might not be as clear.

Once you have identified your needs, you must be open to the healing energy. Spiritual healing requires an intention to heal from the healer’s side. The patient must also desire healing.

When you’ve done that, here’s how you can prepare for the healing process:

  1. Wear comfortable clothing.

  2. Discuss your treatment goals. Let your healer know what symptoms you’re trying to heal, what disease or condition you have, and why you want to heal these ailments.

  3. Expect to complete a health questionnaire and any privacy documents required by the law. On example might be HIPAA release forms.

  4. Sessions may last from five minutes to an hour depending on what you’re treating.

  5. The healer will begin by setting themselves to be focused, present, and fully open to engaging with you. This focus eliminates distractions to achieve inner stability. This way, they can connect with a higher power or universal life energy.

  6. Once they have entered a meditative state, they will attune or set the intention for your highest good.

  7. After that, they will scan your energy field to detect imbalances. They'll then choose the appropriate technique to meet your needs.

  8. When treatment ends, they will “ground” you to bring you back to an alert state.

People have different reactions to the spiritual healing processs. Some patients have felt nothing at all. Others describe sensations of moving energy, deep relaxation. Many feel supported and nurtured, or see visions of images and colors.

Some patients experience powerful emotional releases, such as tears. Others may also develop insight into specific areas of their lives. Whatever a patient feels during the session, perceived outcomes are generally the same. Patients report a boost in their physical and mental health. This boost leads to renewed vigor, values, and perspective in life.

What Should You Look For In A Spiritual Healer?

It’s vital to find a healer that’s right for you if you hope for a successful outcome. Here are some things to consider when choosing a healer:

  1. Is your healer certified?

  2. Do you feel safe and comfortable with them?

  3. Are they performing a service that speaks to you?

  4. Are they located in a place that’s convenient and accessible to you?

  5. Do they fit your budget for spiritual healing treatments?

At the end of the day, energy attracts energy. So make sure to find someone you could trust and be comfortable with. Finding the right healer will set you on the path to healing and empowerment.

Do You Need A Spiritual Healer?

If you have an unsettling problem, a spiritual healer can help you. Spiritual healing is highly beneficial for your holistic health.

But some people come to healers even without particular problems. Sometimes, all a person needs is a boost — and a spiritual healer can help with that. Spiritual healing can give you terrific energy if you just need a little extra spring in your step.

Or perhaps you are anticipating issues that might arise. Preemptive is better than curative, after all. For example, maybe the anniversary of trauma or bereavement is coming up. You may need help to honor or pass these occasions peacefully. With the peace of mind and body from spiritual healing, you can do that.

Spiritual healing is not a clinical practice. However, it's a great complement to promote physical and mental health. It’s available to everyone and is completely safe. There’s no harm in fixing your energy flow. Spiritual healing can enrich your mind and body to achieve positive health outcomes.

Are you interested in learning about spiritual healers? If you'd like to empower your health and other aspects of your life, sign up to Bliss Up Now. With the right tools and resources, you can heal your body, mind, and spirit.