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August 9, 2022

Our body is not only affected by present troubles; our past life echoes the patterns of pain we see today. Our past trauma takes root in what happened in our past life. These events reflect our physical and spiritual bodies. We must listen to what our energies tell us to take the first step toward healing.

Grace Hom joins us in this episode to explain what our Akashic Records can do for us in energy healing. She shares her experience as an energy healer and how she helps others regain their lives through spiritual healing. Grace also demonstrates a past trauma healing session with Leah Lamb to discuss the limitations caused by a traumatic event. Understand how your unconscious systems work against your growth to become spiritually transformed.

If you’re skeptical about past life healing and curious about how it re-wires your subconscious, this episode is for you! 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Learn how your past life can affect your present body and experiences.
  2. Discover the power of your Akashic Records and soul history in your healing journey.
  3. Get to know how hidden loyalties block your growth and success spiritually.


Episode Highlights

[01:00] Unmessing Childhood Trauma 

  • Trauma from our past doesn’t have to be an extreme event to have lasting effects on our bodies. 

Dr. Shagufta Feroz: “Emotional imbalance leads to physical symptoms because the mind is a very strong entity. And if the mind is disturbed, the physical body will suffer.”

  • Psychoneuroimmunology proves how a mind with healthy neurons can lead to a healthy immune system. 
  • We carry the emotional dysregulation we experienced in our past into our adulthood. We need to disentangle psychologically and spiritually from our childhood trauma to heal our psyche.

[03:01] Grace’s Journey as a Spiritual Healer

  • Grace has always helped do healing work. She has past work experience in the healthcare industry. Others have told her she was too sensitive to work in the traditional workplace. 
  • She discovered during a workshop that her sensitivity is medical intuition – psychic and empathic abilities for energy healing. It started her journey as an energy healer.

[5:01] Accessing your Akashic Records

  • The word Akash means ether. Your ethereal records can help you figure out everything going on with you and your body. You can also discover how to decide for yourself moving forward. 

Grace Hom: “The Akashic records allow us to go beyond space and time to remember where those traumas started and to start clearing them. And it’s all just an energy.”

  • Grace helps her clients process their trauma by translating verbal expressions of their energy and pain. Her healing work brings objectivity and support to her client’s journey.
  • Your Akashic records allow you to know your past lives and the different problems that can resurface in the present. 
  • The subconscious energy of our planet has roots in war, famine, and trauma. This meta event’s energy influences everyone, showing in our lives through patterns of abuse, addictions, and even disease.

[11:11] Leah’s Energy Healing Session with Grace

  • Leah has been experiencing problems in her energy levels as well as anxiety, nightmares, and fear.
  • General grief and distorted perceptions of your environment can lead to you carrying a lot of trauma in your body. 
  • Masking can happen when you remain in a pattern of abandonment, fear, and refusing yourself to your genius and magnificence.
  • Parts of your body also represent spiritual healing systems. Your thyroid gland connects to humiliation and the fear of expressing one’s true self.
  • You must allow your body to delete rigid set points and hidden loyalties that define success in your life. That helps you achieve happiness and harmony within your body.

Judy Wilkins-Smith: “To move beyond hidden loyalty, you’ve gotta move beyond what we call the conscience of the system, the rules, and regulations that say all we do it this way in the system to belong,

[19:40] Leah’s Realization After Energy Healing

  • The more open you are to energy healing, the more you can receive their unique medicine.
  • You must step out of the pattern you have found yourself in that only causes pain.
  • As an empath, Leah’s core energy during her session brightened and felt like a big, yellow globe. 
  • Grace helped Lead untangle trauma from her childhood, specifically her third-grade experience, which became the first step towards healing.

About Grace

Grace G. Hom is an energy healer who uses her medical intuition to guide her clients in a spiritual transformation. She uses her previous medical background and alternative healing training to access patterns and guide her clients in life-changing journeys.

Grace also facilitates powerful activation empowering each person to claim their energy and psychic healing abilities. She also creates services and products for her clients to help them make new pathways of possibilities and success.

If you want to connect with Grace, you can reach out through her website, LinkedIn, and Facebook page.

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