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August 31, 2022

The concept of sound affecting mental and physical wellness is not new. For thousands of years,  civilizations have harnessed the power of sound to treat diseases and uplift people. But given the recent interest in mind-body medicine, it’s unsurprising that this ancient practice is experiencing a modern-day comeback.

But what is sound healing exactly?

In this docuseries, Dawn Crystal joins us to explain the healing power of sound. She also shares how she helps others regain their lives through channeling frequencies and vibrations. Dawn also demonstrates a healing session with Jeff Baird to help us understand how sound healing works and why releasing negative energy in your life is necessary for finding one’s purpose. 

If you’re someone who wants to try sound healing or are simply curious about how it works, this episode is for you! 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Experience the power of sound healing 
  2. Learn how sound healing can help you discover your life’s purpose
  3. Understand why sound healing is the futuristic tool for treating illnesses and diseases


Episode Highlights

[02:08] Defining Sound

  • The body seeks resonance to attract peace, harmony, and tranquility. 
  • Sound works as a mechanical force that expands in different directions. 
  • The vibration we experience is a result of a compressive force. 
  • Some frequencies produce beautiful sounds that affect our bodies.

[03:55] Dawn’s Journey to Sound Healing

  • Dawn grew up in an unstable family. As such, she relied on her inner voice to save her. 
  • She began her healing journey at a crystal store in Makawao, Maui, where she gave intuitive readings to people. 
  • She noticed that sounds were coming through her voice when she did lifelong readings. 
  • Dawn is now helping people to move their body’s energy through sound. 

[05:50] Daniela’s Depression 

  • Daniela suffered from postpartum depression, which made her uncomfortable with her body. 
  • It’s easy to lose yourself to the taxing responsibilities of parenting.
  • Daniela overcame depression and even found her talent for songwriting thanks to sound healing. 
  • Sound healing realigns one’s reality to their advantage.

[09:07] Connecting with the Soul 

  • Meditation does not have to be the source of spiritual growth.
  • Raise your vibration to know your purpose and divine essence. 

Dawn Crystal: “Growing spiritually could be on your own, just where you’re living. And it really comes down to doing your own physical— I call it your own work.”

[15:01] Individuals and Negative Energy

  • People are afraid they may have acquired negative energy from others. 

Dr. Sue Morter: “But what we need to realize is that if we are filling our field, nothing else can fill our field. Basically. If you’re at home, no one else can move in.” 

[19:09] Emotional DNA

  • We inherited not only our physical DNA but also our emotional DNA from our ancestors.
  • What our forefathers thought and felt are transferred to us.

[20:11] Working with Sound 

  • Sound separates dissonance and promotes harmony. 
  • It also allows for releasing things that should not be present in our life.
  • Sound is a futuristic tool similar to singularity and genetic medicine. 

Daniela: “We can tap in directly into our nervous system, our mental system, our emotional system through higher frequencies—and sound is the most efficient.” 

  • Before any sound healing session, think about what you want to let go. 
  • Healing is a step-by-step process of releasing negative energy and forgiving people. 

[23:06] Vibrational Affinity of Life

  • When people become present and put their hands to their hearts, they connect to the source of guidance. 
  • Our hearts are the center of creation. 
  • You can find your center by placing one hand over the heart and the other over the body.
  • It is up to you to heal your body.

[26:04] Power of Prayer  

  • Prayer is a form of energy healing. 
  • It also empowers you to align with the path you wish to take in your life.
  • Praying brings together the powers of the mind and heart, making healing inevitable. 

About Dawn

Dawn Crystal is an internationally recognized Voice Sound Healer and a renowned Intuitive Life Coach. 

She has authored numerous best-selling books on helping people clear emotional and physical blockages to manifest their higher selves and achieve their full potential. 

Dawn is passionate about helping her clients release themselves from emotional and physical pain, and has miraculously healed many life-threatening health conditions such as cancer and other chronic illnesses. 

You can contact Dawn through her website or social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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