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July 14, 2022

We give a lot of ourselves away daily — at work, to our friends, to our loved ones. If you are feeling burned out or drained, you will be unable to bring out your full potential and truly thrive. Healing your energy is a powerful way to reclaim your vitality and allow you to live a truly happy and fulfilling life.

In this episode, join Eram as she follows different healers to get their insights on energy healing and how it benefits your physical, mental, and emotional health. They will share how energy and energy healing works, the clinical evidence behind it, and what you need to heal your energy.

If you want to be empowered by learning how to heal your energy and unlock your full potential to be all you can be, this episode is for you! 

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand energy and how it affects your health.
  2. Learn about the clinical evidence behind energy healing and its effects.
  3. Find out what you need to heal your energy — yes, even on your own!


Episode Highlights

[05:15] Understanding Energy

  • Energy medicine is a practice and a way of looking at our vibrational universe.
  • Energy is information that moves or vibrates.
  • While physical energy is more measurable, subtle energy decides how physical energy is organized and takes up 99.9% of a person or an object.

[07:08] Life Energy

  • All living things have life energy within them, and that’s what makes us alive.
  • Life energy is not physical and remains undiscovered by science.

Carol: “Energy is everything. Think about the energy between you and a friend. Think about the energy of your kids. Think about the energy of a concert or the energy of a lecture. Everything, including our voices and what we think who we are. Everything has an energy signature.”

[08:12] The Energies in Our Bodies

  • Energy healing is the simple use of energies to heal the body.
  • There are many levels of invisible energy surrounding the body, and healing occurs in these invisible energetic levels.
  • By compressing energies, we generate frequencies that are close to physical form.
  • We pass through a bandwidth of energy frequencies, such as mental and emotional.
  • Each layer of energy must be vibrating undistorted and open to communicating to the layers beyond and within it.

[11:30] Looking at the Clinical Evidence

  • Raw MRI scans show beautiful shapes that are auras outside the body.
  • Some modern diagnostic tools capture bioelectric discharge to read a person’s aura and determine their health.
  • Studying brain wave outputs while undergoing energy healing also shows results.

[17:28] Why Stress Makes Us Sick

Eram: “But by coming at disease from an energetic point of view instead of just the physical, a different understanding of illness arises and all sorts of options and opportunities for healing the root cause of disease show up.”

  • If energy fields have distortions, the physical body responds to those.
  • Stress weakens the immune system because our sympathetic nervous system causes us to be on high alert and exhausted all the time.
  • Emotions are highly vital to well-being, and emotional well-being is the key to happiness.
  • Our energetic environment is more important than our genetic inheritance.

[23:17] How Energy Healing Works

  • Healing occurs when the sensory system picks up on the accentuated healing energy.
  • In energy healing, there is a coherence between intention, the intender, and the brain waves of the healer, which allows for parasympathetic dominance.
  • Optimal energy healing is creating a space for a person to heal.

Jennifer: “I don’t believe that I heal people. I believe that I create a space for them to heal.”

  • Some forms of energy healing are being used medically, such as reiki.

[26:49] What You Need to Heal Energy

  • For energy healing to work, it needs the receptivity of the client, a healer who can move into coherent, peaceful brain wave states, and an intention for healing.
  • Anyone can heal their energy without depending on a healer or a technique.
  • Express your full potential to reach peak states and thrive.

Dawson: “Express your full potential. Be all you can be. Don’t just be content with a set point of a little bit of energy flowing through your body. Just open yourself, the energy of the universe flowing through your body. You are so creative. You are so abundant. You are so able to deal with life’s challenges. You are so resilient that your whole energy changes.”

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