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July 18, 2022

Many people living with pain or disease have forgotten what feeling good and healthy feels like. We might sometimes begin to internalize that pain as the norm instead of finding solutions to eliminate it. Energy healing can help you tap into and communicate with the pure spirit energy, which can free your body from pain and discomfort. 

In this episode, join Virginia Rounds Griffiths as she conducts her energy healing session with Wendy Yost. Virginia demonstrates how to heal from skeletal and muscle pains using distance healing. She also further explains the mechanism behind energy healing while different healing experts explore the proof of the effectiveness of distance healing.

If you’re skeptical about distance healing and curious about how it can benefit your wellbeing, this episode is for you! 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Learn what the soul or soul mind is and how it relates to energy healing.
  2. Discover the power and effect of energy healing in action.
  3. Get to know how the earth’s frequencies affect distance healing.


Episode Highlights

[02:22] How the Spirit and Soul Relate to the Healing Process

Virginia: “A lot of discomfort, a lot of disease, a lot of angst, a lot of depression, a lot of anxiety comes from not being connected to source, not being connected to[the] reason why we’re here, the spirit part of us. And, when people start to come into that realization, it’s this ‘aha’, and this is when also the body starts to mend.”

  • The soul or soul mind has a free will to either align themselves with a source or go off and have their own experience.

Sue: “When a healer is working with a recipient at the deep soulful level or the spiritual energy that they are cultivating and calling forth, and inviting it to emerge to the surface of the recipient’s life, what’s happening is that they’re dialing into this frequency.”

  • We tap into the the pure spirit energy and communicate with it because it has a slightly different frequency from the rising soulful energy. 

[06:23] Wendy’s Healing Session with Virginia

  • During a horseback riding accident, Wendy damaged her left shoulder.
  • Despite seeking treatment from chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists, she has only experienced temporary relief.
  • Virginia believes everything starts in the head, even if Wendy’s pain is in her shoulders, so she starts releasing all of Wendy’s stuck energy from the head.

Virginia: “Emotions are really, really important, for us to go through. But, of course, [especially] women because we are internal beings, [we] internalize everything and the emotions are paramount.”

  • Looking back, Wendy realized many unfortunate events aligned leading to the incident.
  • Virginia tries to realign Wendy’s sphenoid bone, which is beside and intertwined with the brain.

[14:24] Sharon’s Experience with Virginia’s Healing 

  • Sharon had an accident at the hospital where she worked.
  • Sharon’s injuries led to paresis and caused her years of debilitating pain from which she could get no lasting relief. 
  • After Sharon’s first treatment with Virginia, she was able to move more freely and felt as if her soul wanted to become better. 

[16:57] Theories on Distance Healing

  • When healers enter the healing state, their brain waves hit 7.8 cycles per second, and the person they’re healing also gets affected by this frequency.
  • 7.8 Hertz is a predominant frequency on earth, also known as the Schumann Frequency or the Schumann Resonance.
  • Researchers suggest that the healers’ brain waves are linked to the resonant waves, which enables instant connection even with a client thousands of miles away. 
  • Another theory involves solar storms and field line resonance, which are fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field.
  • A study that was also tested on larger groups showed that the graphs of the field line resonance of the earth and healers are alike.

Dawson: “When I’m in my heart, when I am deep in heart coherence, and I am in one part of the world, I am now in coherence with nature, with those field line residences, and with everyone who is in that state of coherence, wherever they are in the world.”

[21:19] Wendy’s Realization After Energy Healing

  • Virginia advises Wendy to go out into nature, which can nurture her soul and body.
  • Pain or disease becomes the norm for many people, causing them to forget what feeling good and healthy feels like.
  • Because she tends to give herself entirely in whatever she takes on professionally, Wendy often neglects taking care of herself.
  • Wendy reflects on what she’s ready to let go and shift into, deciding that she wants to prioritize her needs more.
  • Wendy releases her connection with her workplace through a cutting the chords ritual.

About Virginia

Virginia Rounds Griffiths is a medical intuitive and energy healer who works with clients experiencing structural issues with their spinal and skeletal systems. 

Virginia transforms and transmutes energies into positive in the environment, personal energy fields, physical bodies, and other areas, bringing balance and harmony to people’s lives and situations.

If you want to reach out, you can connect with Virginia on her website, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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