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A reading with Sohail is an absolute must for everyone interested in
getting clear and accurate guidance and answers for there lives, both personally and professionally…I have had multiple readings with Sohail and plan on having more sessions in the future….Sohail is an absolute gem!, I recommend him wholeheartedly “. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to speak with such a wonderful and gifted man…


My session with Sohail was eye opening. He was able to identify specific issues that helped craft the direction of my coming year. He's incredible if you want to know your direction and important decisions that you may need to make.


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Get ready as Sohail Khan Yousafzai teaches you how to become a Quantum Jumper so you can help others find the answer to ANY question they have about their past, present or future!

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As woo woo and incredible as jumping dimensions sounds, we recently learned from experts like Pam Oslie, that such things are not only possible but ALREADY EXIST. 

There are people who are regularly jumping through dimensions and can read timelines in people’s lives easily. Having access to such a person at the right time or at a fork in the road is critical and can be a total game changer. 

How would YOU like to not only become one of these people but also learn from what Eram calls, "The best of the best! 

When you become a Quantum Jumper, you can help clients…

  • Find answers to something that has happened in the past or is happening in the present that is puzzling.
  • Make decisions that require you to make a choice ... should I do this or that?
  • Should I stay or leave? Is this relationship meant to last if I put in effort or should I part amicably now?
  • Health issues: Current or future (Yes you will be able to see if few years down the road someone will face issues in any area so they can adjust their behavior now)
  • If you’re going through a challenge now: When will it end? How can I make it easier on myself or what can I do to mitigate this so it will go away ASAP?
  • What is written in your destiny? How to change what you don’t like.
  • Questions about loved ones, family members, children.

Imagine your own rave reviews of your work, just like what Sohail’s clients have to say about him…

This was truly the most profound reading of my entire life!


Transcendental level up from other oracles I have consulted!


After my session was over I was in a daze thinking of everything he said!


Happy to hear about my future and what that might look like!


Overawed by Sohail’s ability which allows him to have a precognition of the future inspired by his connection to the divine!


Sohail gave me the answers I needed to hear!


Is Quantum Jumping Similar to a Psychic Reading?

No! While it is true that we can’t measure the phenomenon of dimension jumping as it happens, science has been able to explain that it does happen and HOW it happens.

According to Einstein,
TIME is the fourth dimension.

And just like you exist in the 3 dimensional world, you also exist in this 4th dimension, but you just don’t know how to navigate it yet.

A dimension jumper is able to control and focus their frequency so that they are able to jump to the other dimension(s) to find the answers WHILE also being present in the present dimensions so they can relay & describe what they are seeing in the future or the past.

Meet Sohail Khan Yousafzai

Sohail Khan Yousafzai has been Eram's personal oracle for many years now and she considers him now to be a dear friend. He is an accomplished and seasoned quantum jumper/oracle/reader of timeliness. While he has been flying through dimensions for over 30 years to guide people in their lives through his profoundly accurate readings, he has NEVER marketed him services on any public platform. EVER! 

That’s because he likes to stay under the radar and only works with people that come through a personal introduction or referral. You can hear his mind blowing story on the call with Eram….it’s the kind of stuff straight out of a sci-fi movie!

Eram has known him for many years now and has witnessed first hand the incredible accuracy of his talents & predictions. While she wanted for many years to introduce him on her show, he wasn’t ready and didn’t feel it was time. But now he feels that the world is in need of his services and he has allowed Eram to introduce him on her platform.

One of the reasons for his reluctance was that Sohail’s day job is one of the toughest in the world: Test pilot. In his youth he was a Fighter Pilot for Pakistan Air Force and fought in missions.  

He later left the Air Force and Pakistan to  become a test pilot; a job only the best of pilots can perform. Test pilots have to be the best because they fly planes that are not yet proven so they have to react quickly if anything goes wrong. They make sure these new planes are operational and have no faults. Sohail was a test pilot for fighter jets like the F-16 and later he became a test pilot for well known aircraft manufacturing companies. He’s still currently employed as a senior test pilot.

Are You Ready to Become a Quantum Jumper Too?

After the incredible accuracy of Sohail’s readings with our FHTJ community, many of our listeners wanted to find out if they could also learn what he does. Now you have the chance learn this unique and much needed skill from one of the best in the world!

With this skill, you will be able to help people like he does!

For the first time ever, Sohail is willing to teach ONLY 10 people, like himself, really want to bring ease in people’s lives and help them find the direction that is best aligned with their destiny. 

Whether you are a healer or someone who wants to be a healer, this can be a great addition to your skills.


Become a Quantum Jumper Program

Quantum Jumping is a skill that we are ALL capable of, even YOU! Your soul knows exactly how to do this but it has simply forgotten.

This is a rare opportunity to listen to Sohail as he guides you into not only understanding the foundational principles that are necessary for a Quantum Jumper to master, but how to do it with him by your side! 

The 2 part recorded course is available to you as soon as you purchase so you can begin learning from Sohail today!

Recording 1 (4 hours)...

During the first training you will learn the foundational principles of Quantum Jumping. You will also learn how to form a very strong and resilient connection with God/Source.

Sohail will also take you through a powerful mediation where you will not only be able to know, but you will also feel the power of this connection with God/Source.

Finally, you will also experience actual soul journeys for the first time!

Recording 2 (4 hours)...

After you learn the foundation, on Day 2 you Sohail will be taking you through actual Quantum Jumps.

This training is mostly focused on experiential learning. 

Sohail will guide you through the process of doing Quantum Jumping yourself.

This is a really fun experience because since the soul is not yet trained it can go into all kinds of realms and dimensions, which allows you to see the ability and the power of the soul!

By going through this recorded training with Sohail, you will be able to help people and clients…

  • Make better choices
  • Readings about their futures
  • Understand why they are in the situation they are in and how to adjust it
  • Make better business decisions
  • Make informed decisions in personal life that are of the highest benefit
  • Make better investments or avoid bad investments
  • Identify the back stabbers in one's life that appear to be friends
  • Save marriages/avert divorce
  • Identify a soulmate/love interest in the future (he can give accurate descriptions as he can actually see them)
  • Warn people about their own or loved one’s health issues that they may not yet be aware of.
  • Find out what the future holds and make adjustments now that are needed for a more beneficial outcome
  • And much more

These are NOT psychic readings. They are VERY different. 

By the end of this program and with some practice, like Sohail, you will be able to read people's past, present and future.

You can help people in a BIG way.


This 80% off discount is ONLY available for 48 hours!

Become A Quantum Jumper Program
2 Part Recorded Training with Sohail

One of the most common feedback of Sohails readings is “When Sohail talks about what he is “receiving” it can be so out of the box and out of one’s awareness that it leaves people speechless.”

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