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Lesson 1 - What is Consciousness?
  • In this master class, we will thoroughly explore the proposition: Consciousness is all there is.
  • We will examine some of the many different efforts to understand what consciousness is and how it relates to important questions in science.
  • Our personal consciousness is central to everything we feel, think, and do.
  • We will distinguish the field of pure Consciousness from our personal consciousness and answer the question, “What are higher states of consciousness, how are they achieved, and how are they useful in practical life.”


Lesson 2 - What is the Truth of Life?
  • Each of us has a worldview based on our assumptions and beliefs. Our worldview conditions our feelings, thoughts, and perceptions.
  • For millennia, great thinkers and scientists in both the East and West have sought a unified understanding of life. And they have puzzled over how our subjective experience, based on our personal consciousness, relates to the functioning of our brain.
  • There is a field of pure Consciousness at the source of thought that is an infinite reservoir of creativity and intelligence.
  • It’s possible to access this field of pure Consciousness through specific mental techniques.
  • By developing personal consciousness in this way, we can improve our mind, body, and behavior and enjoy more happiness and fulfillment.


Lesson 3 - States of Consciousness
  • All of manifest creation is structured in layers or levels. Beyond the finest level, the field of pure Consciousness is revealed.
  • This Consciousness is all there is. Everything, from a subatomic particle to a human being, is a relationship of pure Consciousness interacting with itself.
  • As we experience pure Consciousness, it becomes more and more prominent in our awareness, our personal consciousness. This is the path of enlightenment.


Lesson 4 - Consciousness Is All There Is
  • Consciousness is conscious. Therefore, Consciousness naturally finds within itself three roles: observer, observing, and observed; or subject, process of observation, and object. These three taken together compose a Bit of Consciousness, which is a perspective that Consciousness has on itself.
  • All mental and physical aspects of the manifest universe are modes of and within Consciousness as Consciousness assumes these three roles implied in it being conscious.
  • Everything exists within Consciousness; nothing emerges from Consciousness.
  • We can think of pure Consciousness as an unbounded field that is unmanifest, where every Bit is “virtual;” and a “process” of manifestation within Consciousness that presents the Bits of Consciousness as “real.”


Lesson 5 - Both One and Many
  • Consciousness is nothing, not-a-thing, yet it is everything.
  • Nothingness has no limit in time or space because there is nothing and therefore there is no time or space.
  • When personal consciousness experiences the singularity of pure Consciousness, Consciousness appears to have qualities.
  • Because Consciousness is all there is, the ultimate unified field theory of science will have to be a theory of self-interacting Consciousness.


Lesson 6 - Both Virtual and Real
  • Consciousness is equally the oneness of singularity with pure potentiality and the infinite multiplicity of its perspectives on itself.
  • Unmanifest pure Consciousness is a field of all possible perspectives in a virtual state.
  • As Consciousness finds in itself the Bits of its three-in-one nature—observer, observing, and observed—what is virtual becomes manifest and real.
  • When personal consciousness is not awake to pure Consciousness, the object — be it a feeling, a thought, or a perception — “hides” the observer, the Self. When personal consciousness develops awareness of pure Consciousness, then the observer and the process of observation are apparent. This leads to freedom from the hiding or binding influence of the object. This is called liberation.
  • The experience of liberation is not due to anything outside of Consciousness. It occurs as an uncovering or revealing of Consciousness by itself to itself: the Self as subject reveals itself as object in a process taking place entirely within itself.


Lesson 7 - Higher Levels of Human Development
  • In the usual waking, dreaming, and sleeping states of personal consciousness, one is not aware of pure Consciousness.
  • When one experiences pure Consciousness, higher states of personal consciousness begin to develop: Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Glorified Cosmic Consciousness or God Consciousness, and Unity Consciousness.
  • Every state of consciousness has a corresponding state of physiological and psychological functioning.
  • By experiencing the field of pure Consciousness, one discovers oneself to be Consciousness and eventually experiences the entire cosmos as Consciousness.
  • At first, in Transcendental Consciousness, the observer is found in its infinite value: Being knows itself as pure Consciousness. Repeated experiences of Transcendental Consciousness lead to Cosmic Consciousness, in which the experience of pure Consciousness, the unbounded Self, is maintained as an inner awareness, 24 hours a day.


Lesson 8 - States of Consciousness
  • As one progresses from Cosmic Consciousness to Glorified Cosmic Consciousness or God Consciousness, one’s machinery of perception reaches its full capacity for appreciating all objects in their finest value.
  • The growth of personal consciousness from Cosmic Consciousness to God Consciousness can be described as the growth of love.
  • In time, with more experience and greater understanding, one perceives the infinite value in all the objects that one observes — all feelings, thoughts, and perceptions. One has gained Unity Consciousness, in which everything inside and outside is experienced for its infinite value as Consciousness.
  • Unity Consciousness is the ultimate truth about existence and reality.


Lesson 9 - How Does One Become Many?
  • In generating perspectives on itself by seeing itself, pure Consciousness does not fragment; all perspectives are always present within the wholeness of pure Consciousness.
  • In this module, to picture the structure of Consciousness and to help us understand the unmanifest and the process of manifestation, we introduce a pyramid diagram.
  • Broader and fewer perspectives are at the top of the pyramid, where the ultimate subject has infinite awareness; narrower and more numerous perspectives are lower down in the pyramid; at the bottom, the least subject has the least awareness. All possible perspectives lie in between the ultimate subject and the least subject.

  • The Analysis or forward direction is from the top towards the bottom of the pyramid. This is the direction away from unity towards multiplicity, the direction of separation, dissipation, and entropy. The Synthesis or return direction is from the bottom towards the top of the pyramid. This is the direction away from multiplicity towards unity, thedirection of greater unification and order.


Lesson 10 - Why Does Creation Manifest?
  • With its attention moving within itself at infinite speed simultaneously from the top of the pyramid to the bottom and from the bottom to the top, pure Consciousness maintains perfect balance within itself; every perspective cancels out its opposite value and thus all its perspectives on itself are “virtual.”
  • When the speed of attention within Consciousness is less than infinite, the subject can communicate with the object and perspectives can emerge as “real” Bits of Consciousness. This is manifestation.
  • When we experience the manifest universe, we are experiencing a series of Bits of Consciousness rapidly appearing one after another, as in a movie.
  • All possible universes and all that is in them are interconnected — entangled —within Consciousness. This means that whatever happens anywhere influences everything else.
  • In manifestation, time and space emerge from the unboundedness of no time and no space: a gap in time allows us to experience different objects in the same space; a gap in space allows us to experience the same object at different times.


Lesson 11 - Consciousness and Freedom
  • The perfect order of Consciousness is upheld by natural law, which describes the self-interacting dynamics of pure Consciousness.
  • Natural laws are the laws discovered and studied by the sciences.
  • Consciousness can choose to play any role among the infinite number of possible perspectives within itself. Thus, Consciousness enjoys unlimited freedom.
  • Since manifestation occurs within Consciousness as it chooses different perspectives, manifestation is based on freedom.
  • Some say that everything an individual does is determined by natural laws — that we have no choice. Others say that we can freely choose.
  • Because in manifestation the speed of attention within Consciousness is less than infinite, a perspective can exist for some time before it is canceled by its opposite perspective. This allows for the sense of freedom and choice.


Lesson 12 - Do I Really Have a Choice?
  • As we evolve to higher states of personal consciousness, we increasingly gain the ability to think and act spontaneously in accord with natural law.
  • With spontaneous right action, not only do we make better decisions and enjoy more fulfillment from our actions because they are increasingly supported by natural law, but we also enjoy a greater sense of freedom because we are participating more fully in the unlimited freedom of pure Consciousness.
  • In higher states of personal consciousness, with our thinking and actions more in tune with natural law, we reliably take greater responsibility.
  • All ethical systems uphold reciprocity, the principle of Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In Unity Consciousness, we experience the essential Self of others as not different from our own essential Self. Thus the principle of reciprocity is automatically upheld and one spontaneously lives a moral life.


Lesson 13 - Good and Evil
  • Good is whatever supports growth to higher states of consciousness. Evil is whatever obstructs that growth.
  • The subject or observer is more important than the object because evolution to higher states of consciousness depends on the subject gaining the direct experience of pure Consciousness.
  • Veda is the pure knowledge inherent within Consciousness. Veda manifests first as sound or vibration. All of creation—manifestation—is the expression of Veda.
  • The structure and functioning of our human physiology and psychology are patterned on the structure and functioning of Veda.
  • By bringing conscious awareness to the level of Veda in the experience of pure Consciousness, we automatically correct any abnormalities in our physiology and psychology, allowing our system to mirror more perfectly the self-interacting dynamics of unbounded pure Consciousness.
  • As we rise in personal consciousness, we can create, revise, undo, and recreate our own universe; increasingly, we can become masters of our destinies, correcting past mistakes and preventing dangers before they arise.
  • Raising the level of collective global consciousness is critically necessary for addressing the dangers arising from today’s powerful technologies and for fully utilizing their enormous potential for good.


Lesson 14 - Toward a Flourishing World
  • When the technologies for developing higher states of consciousness are practiced in groups, the positive effect on both the individual and the surrounding society is powerfully increased.
  • The experience of higher states of consciousness by individuals and the increase of coherence in collective consciousness—both enliven pure Consciousness everywhere.
  • This enhances diversity among individuals and groups and strengthens unity in the family of nations.
  • The most effective way to address the existential threats we all face—climate change, etc.—is to strengthen coherence in our collective consciousness through these group dynamics of consciousness, thereby bringing man-made law into harmony with natural law and enabling spontaneous right action on the part of individuals everywhere.
  • No matter how long the night has been, when dawn comes it is no longer dark.

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One-Time Offer

Enroll Now for 40% Less

Course fee:  $187 $97