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Step into the realm of Divine Sufi Energy Infusions, where each MP3 unlocks a chamber of profound healing power, just waiting for you.

Within moments, you can ignite a surge of Divine frequencies, designed to heal, protect, and uplift. From the soothing embrace of love and mercy to the steadfast shield against unseen negative forces, you're about to embark on a journey of immediate transformation. 

Keep reading to discover how you can tap into the MOST POWERFUL HEALING available in the world for releasing burdens, clearing energy blocks, and bringing balance restored to your soul.

This isn't just a listen...

It's an activation of your highest potential, tapping into ancient wisdom that nurtures relationships, prosperity, and enduring success.

Embrace the light of divine Source energy, and watch your life unfold in miraculous ways.

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Discover Unparalleled Healing with Divine Sufi Healing

When Eram offered her one-on-one sessions to the FHTJ and Bliss Up communities, the reaction was astounding. In just a matter of days, her calendar filled up and people were reporting LIFE CHANGING results from the sessions.

This made Eram realize how badly these healings and clearings are needed and she desired to extend her healing as widely and swiftly as possible inspired the creation of the Divine Sufi Energy Infusions. Priced affordably, these powerful sessions are designed to reach all who seek their profound benefits.

The stories keep rolling in...


I started the session with Eram with feelings of deep pain. I told her I could t remember the last time I had felt a sliver of peace or happiness. She did her clearings on me and after receiving the clearing and balancing activation I was blissed out! I can’t believe how much peace and joy has replaced the feelings of pain and grief…. All in just one session!


I was totally blocked in my creative abilities and that’s why I took Erams session. I usually write and paint but couldn’t do it for past few years. After the session, I got so inspired that I painted non stop for next few days. I haven’t produced this much in years! I am using all her mp3s and I can FEEL the energy shifting as I listen and when I want to feel blissed out I use the balancing mp3s. They work!


I could feel my energy shifting even while Eram was talking and gently guiding me. It was as if the sound of her voice was healing my soul. Today I am messaging almost exactly a year later and my life has changed 180 degrees! That one session with Eram truly changed my life. I would recommend it with full confidence.


I approached Eram Saeed when I had had a big fight with my son. I felt such an extreme level of anger and hatred towards him that I was shocked. In the session with Eram I felt my heart would burst and I was feeling extreme despair and overwhelm. She immediately calmed me down and told me this was the effect of a combination of evil eye and entity attachment. She worked on me for 15 minutes and then told me to relax and take deep breaths. I felt 80% of my extreme feelings and had dissipated already. After I drank some water she worked on me some more. I felt all the negativity was completely gone!  An hour after my session I was working in the kitchen and caught myself singing! The extreme negativity had turned into absolute bliss! What an amazing and truly shocking transformation !!!


Eram has known me for a while and she knows my passion is singing. She always told me she sensed I didn’t sing to my fullest potential cause she sensed a blockage in my heart/chest area. One day she just asked me to close my eyes as she placed her hand on my chest and transferred energy to my heart. After a couple of minutes she said “ there, your block is removed. You will sing differently now.” Frankly, I’m not into this sort of stuff but I was amazed as my singing abilities immediately improved. There was a difference of night and day! Even my voice coach asked me what I had done cause I didn’t sound like the same guy any more. I was hitting notes higher than I had ever done before and was not afraid to use different vocal styles. Honestly, that one healing session totally transformed my singing career!!!


Eram Saeed has helped me immensely in my life. When I was introduced to her, I was stuck in a vicious spiral of negativity and despair. I felt God had abandoned me and I had no interest in life. She helped me to see that Allah never abandoned me and she taught me how to connect back with Him. It’s like being pulled of the depths of darkness into Gods love and light. Since I am a “seer” I told her for years she’s a gifted healer and her voice carries healing energies. Her heart energy is very strong and she can transfer that energy to heal others. With her knowledge and her healing abilities, you must give yourself the gift of getting a session or her courses. I highly recommend it.

discover a whole new world within you, filled with healing, love, and mercy!

Healing MP3

Dive into a sea of healing with the first MP3 energy infusion. Close your eyes, press play, and let the waves of Divine mercy wash over you. It's like the sun coming out after a storm, warming and soothing your every ache. You'll feel the love wrap around you, lifting away pain, leaving you blissed out. It's not a one-time thing, either. Whenever you need it, it's here. Like a best friend for your soul, always ready to help you heal.

Protection MP3

Ever feel like you need a shield against the bad vibes life throws your way? The second MP3 energy infusion is your guardian. It's powerful—think of it as an invisible force field blocking the evil eyes, the black magic, the entities and all the energy drains. It doesn't just guard you; it frees you from the clingy, unwanted energy guests. Play it, and you'll walk through life untouched by the shadows.

7/41 MP3

Need a turbo boost for your emotions? The third MP3 energy infusion is a rocket ship to peace. It's short, sweet, and supercharged to make a big difference, fast. Got stress? Poof! Anxiety? Gone! It's like having a superpower to zap away the blues, the blahs, and the ughs. And it works on repeat! Use it daily, and watch as your world goes from stormy to serene.

Releasing and Balancing
Activations MP3

The fourth MP3 energy infusion is a two-part masterpiece. First, it's like a cosmic plunger unclogging old, stuck energy. You might feel a whoosh as it works! Then, the second part is a gentle, loving breeze that settles everything into perfect harmony. You'll end up feeling calm, cherished, and cheerfully high on life! It's strong stuff, so once or twice a day is your golden ticket to balance.

Morning and Night Protection Prayer MP3

Start and end your day wrapped in a blanket of divine protection with the final MP3 energy infusion. It's like having a guardian angel by your side when you sleep and as you face the day's dragons. And if you're wrestling with pesky energy critters, this prayer is your trusty sword and shield. Use it with our other MP3s, and you'll be unstoppable!

Ready to step into a life that's light, free, and full of joy?

Your Sacred Sufi Soul Cleansing journey is waiting. Press that button, and let's unleash the powerful, peaceful you. Remember, it's simple, it's profound, and it's calling your name. Say 'yes' to your heart, 'yes' to your spirit, and 'yes' to a blissfully cleansed soul.

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