Create your best vision and heal your eyesight and body!

  • Are you feeling blocked and just can’t see a better future for yourself?
  • Have you accepted too many compromises in your life and wondered if a breakthrough is possible for you?
  • Are repressed emotions affecting how you see the world?
  • You can experience breakthroughs and start living your best vision for your life.
  • Your eyesight issues hold the key to huge transformations. You’ll feel so free once you know how to heal the issues behind your eyesight challenges.
  • Past traumas will no longer impact your sleep, your body and your future.
  • You can experience breakthroughs and start living your best vision for your life.
  • Your eyesight issues hold the key to huge transformations. You’ll feel so free once you know how to heal the issues behind your eyesight challenges.
  • Past traumas will no longer impact your sleep, your body and your future.

Have you compromised on your dreams so much that you don't even know where to begin? You're not alone and there's help for you. It's right in your eyes.

Eyesight reflects the many layers of your being (physical, emotional, and psycho-spiritual). While traditional medicine "fixes" problems with eyesight prescriptions, energy and light medicine speaks to all layers of your being and seeks to heal and transform the underlying perceptual and energetic distortions thus restoring eyesight and eye health.

Traditional intuitive wisdom says, if you have eyesight issues, you're not willing to see something about yourself or life. What if that is only a small part of the truth? Knowing the truth behind your eyesight issues will free you to live a life true to your own heart. Are you ready to ditch your eyeglasses, contact lens and even prevent the need for cataract surgery?

Meet Grace Geokyin Hom:

Grace Geokyin Hom, Medical Intuitive and Light Body Whisperer, is internationally respected for her medical intuitive and energy healing work with eyesight, energy dentistry, and light language activations. Her work is a cosmic stream of intuition flowing into a confluence of science and spirituality, igniting breakthroughs, kindling hope and sparking new possibilities. She listens to the wisdom of bodies to facilitate her clients to remember health and wholeness. Her clients often speak of her ability to work with the minute details of a cell as well as the bigger patterns across generations and cultures that impact a person’s well-being. Many credit her with having helped them overcome health challenges.

While Grace has always been interested in exploring human potential, it was through her own struggles with an autoimmune disorder and depression that she learned to access her own magic with energy alchemy. Around 2013-14, Grace went through an intense period where she received spontaneous activations almost daily. Her Spirit Guides showed her how to re-imprint high vibrational states such as love, compassion and joy into timelines beginning with the first 40 weeks in-utero development period so that imprints from survival states can be transformed and transcended. Her clients enjoy yawning and laughing while experiencing this deep healing.

Grace invites you to co-create a world where everyone enjoys sovereignty, health and wild aliveness so that together we can weave grace and joy into the fabric of the world.

To further her exploration of human potential and healing, Grace is doing graduate work in the Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health at King’s College London.

“The Energy she Brought in Was Profound and Powerful”

"I am lucky to have had A-M-A-Z-I-N-G session with Grace. I feel stuckness in major areas of life that I shared with her to work on. I have my eyesight/vision issues, relationship issues and stuckness in career/finances. When Grace worked on me, I felt HUGE and DEEP energy shifts. The energy she brought in was so profound and powerful and it REACHED all those areas of my body where I feel blockages.Especially when she worked on my eyesight, the energy gushed into and out of my toes.

I never felt such energy movement in my toes before. Grace's 21 days money, magic and miracle audios have deeply changed my perspectives toward money and the related concepts."


“My Eyesight Keeps on Clearing”

"I contacted Grace for issues regarding my eyesight and ringing in my ears. Grace took out a lot of negative energy from me during the healing session. She worked on my physical and energetic body as well as on the meridian system, family influences and beliefs I have taken on from others.

By the end of the session, I felt very spacious and I found it hard to find the words to speak. I was simply resting in beingness.

The whole time it was like someone was giving me an internal massage, I felt my head vibrating and tingling and my mind stopped all the mind chatter. I have listened to the recorded session a couple of times and my eyesight keeps on clearing and the ringing in my ears has greatly reduced. I wholeheartedly recommend Grace's healing sessions and clearings"


“Lifted the Heaviness off Back, Improved Eyesight”

"Grace, all I mentioned of my physical symptoms was my eye problems.
You picked up the problems I have with my liver, spleen, pancreas and back. Very intuitive!

The energetic shifts you affected, lifted the heaviness off my back, improved my eyesight and made me sleep like a baby."

South Africa

“Feeling a Huge Shift in Perspective”

"During your Eyesight group calls, I experience lots of yawning, more space for bones in the body (feet, head, neck, etc.), always more joy and lightness. After spending the calls glasses-free, I started the Light Language class without my glasses and found I could now speak without singing and was using my arms a lot. I even did it in front of the group, a huge and surprising step for me!

Today, after the last Vision class, I find myself looking around my space more without my glasses, looking at the details, enjoying what vision I have, instead of thinking about how poor my vision is (6–7 diopter). I realized that I was working with gratitude and abundance in relation to my vision and acting as though I could see beautifully. This feels like a huge shift in perspective. I generally feel lots of gratitude but have never related it to my vision. So, who knows what's possible with this new perspective?

I love that this is so holistic, it's amazing how wide your perspective is, Grace."

~ SUSAN, Chicago

“I Am Now Able to See 40% Again”

"First of all, let me express my gratitude again for the time you took to pay attention to my injured eye. You gave much more than what a client could possibly expect!

Last year in August, I was filled with anger and frustration, when a vein in my left eye suddenly broke; it was a stroke in the eye. I learned that fact from a local eye specialist whom I started to frequent only about two weeks after the incident. The pictures from sophisticated lens equipment showed me the thrombosis and the internal swellings of my eyeball. The local specialist applied injections and laser treatments. Actually, he gave me little hope that my eyesight would be restorable, and he even alluded to the insertion of an artificial eyeball. That thought scared me to the bones as before the incident my eyesight was nearly 100% for both eyes. I changed the expert for another one in Marseille, France.

That was the moment when Marie, my wife, came across you and we ordered a series of your sessions which included the recent one-on-one session I am responding to. I am delighted to report that my eyesight improved, following your healing presentations and individual transmissions related to the healing of eye complications.

When I went last to the eye specialist at the acclaimed eye expert Monticelli Center in Marseille, France, the specialist there showed surprise when he saw the latest diagnosis pictures… the swellings had completely disappeared and although originally, he gave zero chance to the cell replacement in eyes, and by himself he mentioned that there could be new capillary formation in the future.

I know that I listened repeatedly to your episode you call ACTIVATE THE DIVINE BLUEPRINT FOR HEALING and others. I am now able to see 40% again, and I notice daily improvements such as being able to see the time on my watch again with the affected eye… Grace, your healing capability is very outstanding, and Marie and I are enthralled with your personal style, your empathy and massive charm.You are a Gift to Humanity, may many more who need your help find the path to you!"


“A Week Later the Blanket of Energy Has Become Stronger”

"Grace is so wise, funny, real, and humble. I got picked out on a tele summit call and received Grace's healing. (Also: even before the tele summit-call started I was already feeling subtle energies moving in and around me.) I told Grace about my problems like major depression, chronic fatigue, and mental confusion. During the live healing session, I felt a warm ray of energy moving from my heart area to my throat, while she worked and talked about the Assemblage Point.

After that, I felt subtle, but very strong electrical waves of energy in and around my body, in my hands, my chest, my legs and feet. Now, a week later that blanket of energy has become stronger and has not left me! I do feel lighter and closer to myself. The energy feels pleasant and empowering for my physical body.

I always wondered what people were talking about when they say: 'Yes, I can feel the energy.' Now I understand, because I felt it while Grace was working on me and even a week later, I can still feel energy moving around my body.

I felt lighter after Grace infused me and my Assemblage Point with light. Lighter in spirit, mind and body. What a miraculous thing this is! Grace's energy was very tangible even during a distant healing session. I can even feel my eyes changing in the inside.I really recommend Grace's energy healing if you suffer from depression, pain, or fatigue."

~ BERT W., The Netherlands

“Release of Old Patterns That Were Contrary to Implementing My Vision”

"I was blessed to recently receive a 20-minute session with Grace to work on eyesight.
Grace is gentle, compassionate, has a beautiful laugh and sense of humor, is able to tap into multi-dimensions and knows when to articulate what she is working on and perceiving and also when defining multi-dimensions through words is ineffectual.

When Grace worked on my eyes, I felt a definite tightening of the muscles around the eye area. Grace also worked through all the meridians, as she did so I could feel the energy moving in the organ/meridian she was working with, and often at the same time, the next organ to be worked on. When Grace worked on the spine, the energy was gentle, yet profound. Grace identified and set in motion the release of old patterns that were contrary to implementing my vision. She was also able to identify the importance of love and beauty in my life.

Since our session, I find myself making more choices that are self-nurturing and, after many years, again exploring how my vision can best be created and expressed. If you have the opportunity to work with Grace, please take it, as Grace is a definite gift."

~ KAREN B., Sydney

Available for a Limited Time Only

Quantum Ozone Session

SAVE $243 NOW!

Total Value $340

Introductory Special Offer $97

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This package has 3 powerful mp3s and 2 one hour group calls. Each mp3 addresses issues from a multi-dimensional space. Whole body healing is key to healing eyesight. Deep, restful sleep not only supports overall well-being, it also gives you access to your vision. The group calls will address the physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual aspects of healing your eyesight. Grace will clear the emotional issues that are still in your tissues which may affect your eyesight.


Body Comfort to Support Eyesight MP3

This mp3 session brings energy healing to your entire body, especially the nervous system, so that your eyes will be able to receive whole body support for healing. Mental, physical and emotional stresses will be cleared. Trauma will be healed from your fascia.


Eyesight/Vision MP3

Eyesight and vision issues will be addressed from a multi-dimensional healing space. Expect to feel energy inside your eyes as the energy reactives your Divine Blueprint for healthy eyes and divinely aligned vision. Please allow yourself to rest afterwards. This mp3 works better when you allow your eyes to heal by taking off your glasses and contact lenses for as long as you're comfortable but definitely for the duration of this session.


Peaceful Sleep to Restore Healthy Vision MP3

A good night’s sleep can heal and restore both eyesight and even support you to access the intuitive wisdom to create the best vision for your life. Expect your sleep to be deeper and more restful. Your dreams will have meaning for you. You might be able to receive messages from your guides during your sleep.


Two Recorded Group Calls


Both group calls will support you to clear limiting beliefs, subconscious blocks, and traumas that may impact your eyesight and limit your vision.

Available for a Limited Time Only

Quantum Ozone Session

This 13 minute mp3 will super-charge your immune system by oxygenating your blood and lung tissues so that any infections caused by bacteria, fungi, protozoa, virus, and yeast will be gone. Also helps the body to flush out infected cells. Easy to use and you'll feel the difference right away.

SAVE $243 NOW!

Total Value $340

Introductory Special Offer $97

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Refund Policy: No refund after Group Call Start

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I use the mp3s?

Please use them as you feel guided. You can listen to all three each day or do just one a day. Before bedtime is best for most people.

Q. Do I have to use them in order?

No. Please use them in any order that works for you.

Q. Why do I yawn so much while listening to your mp3s?

Yawning releases tension, stagnate energy and energetic blocks. Also activates the parasympathetic system for deeper healing.

Q. Can I listen to your mp3s silently?

Yes, turning the volume down very low still works for some people. It’s energetic.

SAVE $243 NOW!

Total Value $340

Introductory Special Offer $97

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Refund Policy: No refund after first Group Call Start

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