Transforming Your HaraLine to Embrace Purpose and Empowered Living

Are you ready to Make Changes in 2023?

  • Tired of feeling like you are stuck in this body
  • Find yourself misunderstood
  • Feel like life is always throwing obstacles your way
  • Feel like you have hit roadblocks in your life
  • Struggling with your decisions in life
  • Don’t want to be here on earth
  • Want to raise your vibration and the humanity
  • Feel disconnected and lost from people and life in general

Looking for a way in to the deeper knowledge and power of your Life

Deep down, you are not sure you are really doing what you are supposed to be doing. 

This means your Hara Line is out of Alignment with Your Souls Journey

It’s okay because Dipal and Her Guide Team can help you IMMEDIATELY find your way BACK!!!!

Here are some of the shifts people experienced while working with Dipal

  • Decreased Pain, Increased Energy, and better Focus and Clarity!!
  • Psychic Energies Gone and Massive Electrifying Shifts
  • Anxiety and Pain in the Head Pressure Released!
  • Complete Body Reset!! I feel Amazing!!
  • Increase in Clients within Hours and Finally Being Seen!

Hara Line: Access To Your Soul's Intention

Hara Alignment Soul Purpose Reconnection Workshop

Discover Your 8 Intuitive Clairs Workshop

11 Days Of Powerful Remote Transfusion

By healing through your Hara Line you can Expect the following :

  • To live in a state of flow and balance
  • To experience deeper levels of self-empowerment, inner authority and healthy boundaries
  • To discover your life purpose and to gain clarity in all directions of your life
  • To deeply heal the physical body
  • To gain greater sense of wholeness, and your own uniqueness
  • Reconnection to the Divine Soul’s Blueprint
  • Reignite the Soul Seat and live a meaningful life
  • Dive into higher states of consciousness to ignite your intuition and healing abilities
  • Let go of defense mechanisms that do not serve you

Release all the Struggle, overwhelm and Stress that has prevented you from experiencing the joy, purpose and spiritual Connection!

Clear, Cancel and Delete the disruptors stuck along the Hara that have resulted in Stagnant energy blocks in your Soul's path to your Successes! 

When you begin to connect with, align and charge your Hara, life starts to fall into place and guide you forward in the right direction.

Get Ready to Step into the FLOW

Most people think they are off path because life just works that way well Dipal is here to tell you that it is not true.

Your Hara is out of Alignment and once we REalign it your life will change forever.

Whether you're starting something new, wanting more growth, or just want to live a life in comfort I can help you achieve that quickly and easily.

Meet Dipal Shah

Dipal has worked with the hara line since 2016. She has helped Empaths all over the world align their hara to find spiritual and physical healing. This has allowed empaths to live a resilient and meaningful life. 

Hi, my name is Dipal Shah and I have worked in the fields of medicine and healing for fourteen years. Over the course of my career I have learned the Magnificent Power of the Hara. The Hara line is a laser-like line that runs through your spine down into the center of the earth. It is a powerful energetic channel that holds within it the formula for your Intentions, creativity, and soul connection.

  • Discover a transformational journey tailored specifically for empaths like you.
  • Move from feeling overwhelmed and drained to becoming a beacon of light.
  • Clear energetic blocks hindering your empathic abilities through HaraLine healing.
  • Gain tools and techniques to protect and nurture your energy while staying connected to your intuition.
  • Surround yourself with authentic relationships that honor and support your empathic journey.
  • Uncover your true purpose and passion, aligning your life's work with your empathic abilities.
  • Make a positive impact on the world while experiencing deep fulfillment and joy.
  • Embrace your unique empathic gifts and step into your true power.

Rediscovering Creativity and  Passion

I had always been a talented artist, but over time, I lost touch with my creative spark. I found myself in a monotonous routine, feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from my true purpose. I wanted a change and that is when I found Dipal who was doing a Hara Line Healing.

During our healing session, Dipal worked to realign my HaraLine, clearing the energetic blocks that hindered my creative expression. As the energy began to flow freely, I felt a profound shift. Ideas and inspiration flooded my mind, and I started creating art like never before. My paintings became a reflection of my renewed passion and joy.

With the HaraLine realigned, I found the courage to pursue my artistic dreams wholeheartedly. Over 6 months I started connecting with other artists, and even began teaching workshops to inspire others. HaraLine Healing rekindled my creative flame and I am so grateful for Dipal for helping me through the tough times.


Overcame years of Limiting Beliefs to Clear Struggle

I had always struggled with self-doubt and limiting beliefs that held me back from achieving my goals, relationships and self love. I found myself stuck in a cycle of fear and insecurity. Desperate for change I knew I had to do something. Thanks to Eram I found Dipal.

Through the healing session with Dipal I experienced a profound release of old wounds and negative patterns that Dipal pointed out and I never knew were there. Once we cleared this the next day I could see that my confidence soared, and I began to see my own potential with newfound clarity.

I pursued opportunities I never had previously considered, starting taking on leadership roles and found the tools that Dipal shared to help me get through tough emotions and thoughts that showed up along the way.  My relationships also improved as I learned to set boundaries and communicate my needs effectively. HaraLine Healing transformed my  life by freeing mefrom self-imposed limitations and empowering meto embrace my true potential. Thanks to Dipal and her Guides for allowing me to be reconnected again to who I am and my purpose.


Spiritual Growth and Success

I have been on a spiritual journey for 20 years and I find myself in the same situation. I still cannot connect to my Guides, my senses feel blocked, and I cannot seem to connect to my higher self. I had two  sessions with Dipal and wow, I couldn’t believe all the sensations in my body the first session. The second session I was experiencing crying, joy, happiness, and could feel 2 of my Guides and found out one was my mother who passed 15 years ago and the other was Archangel Gabrielle. I knew I was on my way to an amazing journey FINALLY!!!

If you are stuck in your spiritual journey I know Dipal will help you. She is amazing, beautiful. and has a wonderful heart that is full of love. She is passionate about what she is doing and you can feel it in your heart. So happy to have found Dipal.


Psychic Energies Gone and Massive Electrifying Shifts

I came to Dipal because I was stuck in my finances, relationship with my kids and spouse, my spiritual journey was at a stand still, and my health was not good. She helped me in all these areas just by adjusting the Pranic Quotient. She found curses, blackmagic, portals and wormholes.  She could see that I was plugged into some old programs. She cleared over 25 million cords from all lifetimes and cleared all the karmic debt. She knew exactly where to go and what to do. Her light language and message from her Angels is so beautiful and heartfelt. Her Guides are a blessing and you can feel the electricity going through your body. Dipal works at Quantum Speed and you don’t want to miss any healing that Dipal does because she is the best you will ever come across.


Shedding Conditioning and Finding Courage

I had spent most of my life conforming to societal expectations and suppressing my true self as an Empath. I felt disconnected and dissatisfied, yearning for a deeper sense of authenticity and joy.  I felt confused and worst of all I felt like a failure. 

During my healing with Dipal, she guided me through a process of self-exploration and healing. I started to feel myself shedding layers of conditioning and societal expectations, and a light beaming on me. 

After the healing I  made better choices that were aligned with who I am. I mended a relationship with my father and found the courage to leave a job that no longer served me. I am learning to live life on my own terms, embracing my true self as an empath and stop hiding with fear.


Healing Trauma and Discovering Self-Worth

I had experienced significant trauma in my past, which left me feeling broken and unworthy. Through HaraLine healing with Dlpal it helped me release deep-seated emotional wounds and rebuild my sense of self-worth. I feel like I regained a newfound sense of inner strength and confidence. I was able to leave  a toxic relationship and know my self worth.


From Stagnation to Empowered Entrepreneurship

For years, I felt stuck in a corporate job that drained my soul. I knew there had to be more to life, something that would ignite my passion and allow me to make a meaningful impact. That's when I discovered HaraLine healing with Dlpal, and it changed everything.

As my HaraLine was cleared, I felt a surge of creative energy and clarity like never before. Suddenly, I could see my true potential and the possibilities that lay ahead. With newfound inspiration and determination, I took the leap and started my own business. Aligning my work with my authentic self has been the most liberating and fulfilling experience of my life.

HaraLine healing not only transformed my professional life but also revitalized my overall sense of purpose. I wake up each day excited and motivated, knowing that I am living a life aligned with my true passions and values. HaraLine healing with Dlpal helped me break free from the chains of stagnation and empowered me to create a life of abundance, fulfillment, and true happiness.


Embracing Self-Love and Authentic Relationships

Before I discovered HaraLine healing with Dlpal, I was trapped in a cycle of unhealthy relationships and a lack of self-love. I yearned for genuine connections and a deep sense of inner peace. Thankfully, my journey with HaraLine healing opened up a path to transformation and healing.

As my HaraLine was healed, I began to see myself through a new lens - one filled with compassion, acceptance, and love. I learned to set healthy boundaries and prioritize my well-being. With this newfound self-love, I attracted authentic relationships into my life - connections built on trust, respect, and mutual understanding.


Profound Self Awareness and Reconnected to My Gifts 

I embarked on this journey with the simple intention of reconnecting with myself and rediscovering my abilities but little did I know the profound impact it would have on my life. Prior to experiencing Hara work.  I had always been focused on external energy and supporting others, never truly delving into my own inner world. However, through Hara work, I finally found the missing piece—I was able to authentically connect with myself and explore my own emotions, my superpowers, and so much more.

It was a revelation to me as I had never truly experienced this level of connection before. 

It has been a transformative experience that has enriched my life in ways I never imagined.

I highly recommend Dipal’s Hara work. It has the power to unlock a whole new dimension of self-discovery, where you can truly feel the energy and experience the incredible shifts within yourself. It has been a game-changer for me, and I am forever grateful for the transformative power of Hara work in my life.


Dipal’s unique and Ground-breaking Modality, Quantum Body Awakening has taken the world by storm.

  • Find your way home
  • Express your voice clearly
  • Connect with your Truth
  • Release Defense Patterns
  • Release Darkeness
  • Release Fear
  • Pain Relief
  • Stress Management
  • Trauma Healing
  • Find Purpose
  • Greater Health
  • Long Lasting Transformations
  • Discover Inner Knowing
  • Attune your spirit and soul

You need to connect with something INSIDE- Something TRUE-

And you can!!!

You don't have invent it. You don't have to make-it up. 

It’s already there withinn you

Let's get you reconnected to it.

Because, if you don’t make a move now to align with your true purpose in this lifetime, you could miss the boat on making the contribution you came here to make.

Hara Line: Access To Your Soul's Intention

Want to embrace your true potential and step into alignment with your life's purpose?

Are seeking the courage to follow your heart's desires and live a life of meaning and fulfillment.

Are ready for a transformative journey that is both accessible and enjoyable, providing profound insights into your life's purpose.

Desire to surround yourself with a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are also on a quest for soulful discovery.

Are eager to gain valuable insights and experience personal growth in the upcoming weeks and months, starting the year off on the right foot.

It sounds like the time is right for you to STEP INTO ALIGNMENT.


Item 1: Hara Alignment Soul Purpose Reconnection Workshop (45-60min)

This Live Zoom Workshop will include Hara Healing plus Q and A session
Format: Recorded

  • Unveil the enigmatic realm of the Hara, the energetic blueprint that holds the key to your life's purpose. It resides within you, waiting to be activated.
  • Tap into your Sacred Longing, the guiding light that leads you towards the realization of your Life Purpose.
  • Engage Hara line activation to synchronize with your Life Purpose. The collective energy of a group setting amplifies the potency, and ensure lasting reinforcement within you.


Item 2: 11 Days of Powerful Remote Transfusion

Remote 24/7 transfusions will clear, heal and align the major points of the hara, reset the hara dimension and reawaken the souls blueprint memory. It will redirect your divine path to remind you the journey you have dreamed of. Anticipate profound healing, a surge of inspiration, a revived sense of purpose, illuminating insights, and meaningful synchronicities that will propel you onto your destined path.

Set your intention each day. Whether it is an existing intention or a new intention added Dipal and her Guides will be assisting your healing. Your intention can include health, relationships, career, and/or finances.


Item 3: Discover Your 8 Intuitive Clairs Workshop (2-2.5hour)

Date: August 10th
Format: Recorded

  • Unlock your intuitive potential, enhance decision-making skills, and join a transformative learning experience specifically designed for empaths. Embrace the power of your intuition and embark on a journey towards greater self-awareness, alignment, and fulfillment.
  • Explore a one-of-a-kind class that delves into helping you discover eight intuitive abilities specifically tailored for empaths.
  • Discover untapped potentials within yourself that set you apart from others.
  • Release stubborn limiting beliefs keeping you from using your Intuition
  • Learn Practices to help you trust your intuition and self
  • Learn to play with Energy and have fun

Increase in Clients within Hours and Finally Being Seen

I had my session with Dipal in the Morning. The same day I started to sell my used books at a never before seen pace. Before it has been one or two a month, but since the call it has been an average of one a day!! So many of our PreLoved books are now happily entertaining others.

At work we all got a Xmas bonus , and I have been able to handle what is happening with a calm and strength that I have not had in a long time. It has been just winding up and winding up for a couple of years, with lots of frustration over what others were (not) doing.

Now I’ve come to a place where I really “Let Go and Let God”. 

I have been asking for more LIght, and there it was… In an unexpected way. The farmer decided to cut ALL the trees around our house, so Light there is.  And also maybe a sign to step up and be seen. Nowhere to hide


Anxiety and Pain in the Head Pressure Released

Dipal worked on my hara line and I could feel a swirling in my stomach. She was right on as she mentioned that there was anxiety that was blocking me from moving forward and causing alot of the neck pain and back pain that I was dealing with. She also worked on my brain areas and she helped clear childhood trauma that I was holding onto when my classmates tried to kill me. I was in tears when she released the energy of all the people that tried to hurt me. I was so ready to let go and Dipal guided that process. The swirling decreased and the pain in my head released immediately.


Powerful Transmission to Pancreas

Got lightheaded and normally don't feel anything. you expect the energy in certain places and it shows up somewhere else. I have juevinile diabietes showing up after the death of my father. and psychial pain in rotator cuff. no one in family has diabetes. She helped clear the pressure cooker effect....she cleared the pancreas and i could feel some Powerful transmissions. She cleared my heart wall and aligned my hara line and immediately I could sense a release in the pancreas. I had an immense sadness come up and when you cleared something it disappeared. I am so grateful. I thank Dipal and Eram


Amazingly Accurate Insights! Huge Emotional Release!

I worked with Dipal a few months ago. Dipal has a profound ability to intuitively sense, feel, and talk to the body. She sensed things going on in my life and my body that I didn't even mention to her. She knew that there was something going on with a relationship in my life and my inability to speak up. As she cleared that energy I could feel a tingling in my throat and all the energy just being lifted. I asked Dipal about another problem with my intestines and she actually could see that the descending colon was blocked. As she was working on that blocked energy I could feel the intense energy just shifting and then all of a sudden having an emotional releasing. Dipal mentioned to me that she felt pain in my stomach area. It was a sharp pain, may be even the gallbladder. I mentioned to her later that I had my gallbladder taken out. She has found in her work that most of the time organs that have been surgically removed leave an imprint in the body. Dipal dissolved the energy that had been left from my removed gallbladder. I really found working with Dipal to be nothing short of Amazing!!!

Eram Saeed,Creator of From Heartache to Joy Global Telesummit

Complete Body Reset!! I feel Amazing!!

I had my first session with Dipal. I was having this issue with a lump in my throat and postmenopausal issues. Right away I could feel the energy in my belly moving, lessening and becoming lighter. As Dipal worked on me I could feel my head moving in a way in which has been difficult in the past. Usually, there is snapping noises -All Gone! Dipal worked on my spine and I could see how in my life I was acting like a robot! Wow! That opened up a whole other chapter. Dipal then worked on my ovaries and I could see them as a lush green space that was renewed. By the end of our session the lump in my throat was lessened by at least 50%. And the area of my liver felt more freed up as she did the energetically did a liver cleanse. I felt lighter. Thanks Dipal! I look forward to other amazing sessions

Amy Vasterling, Intuitive Pathfinder

Completely Pain Free!

I received her powerful healing and went from feeling pain in my belly and lower back to feeling completely pain free and filled with warm energy flowing through all of my body but especially through the parts that had been hurting before. I also felt connected to my self for the first time in the last 6 weeks.

I have to say that Dipal is not only a very powerful healer but she is also very sweet and caring.

During the session I felt a lot of pain in lots of places and I thought: Oh, my God, I am so full of pain, I think the session will end and I'll still be hurting! but I went on processing deep grief from my IVF losses and not being a mother and from the trauma I suffered at age 7 (Dipal had asked me before I even told her about my trauma at 7: what did happen 7 years ago or at age 7?) I went very deep, was sobbing, and Dipal helped me to release and let go of the pain and anger. When my mind was trying to stop me from releasing what no longer served me, I was also very open to my husband and could be intimate with him in a very loving way. The pain in my lower back and my belly were gone and my heart was full again (this is also what I could not feel for the last 6 weeks), so I was very happy. Dipal asked me to visualize golden, silver and copper energies around my body and in a couple of minutes I was feeling very relaxed and felt warm energies filling my lower back, then my right ovary and finally my womb. The physical pain as well as the emotional pain was completely gone!! Afterwards the warm energy kept flowing and flowing and I could open myself to my husband and be intimate with him in a very loving way. I also could sleep much better than lately.

I really recommend you to work with her, she is amazing!

Thank you so much Dipal, much love


Decreased Pain, Increased Energy, and better Focus and Clarity!!

I found my healing with Dipal Shah to be a profound and powerful experience, one that can help you shift in a new positive directions. Dipal is a Medical Intuit with incredible insight and what seems like xray vision. She first addressed the mis-alignments in my spine, hips, and joints by releasing energy blockages and helped me ground more fully into my body. My left side was higher than my right, indicating I was half in my body and the other half wanting to leave it, kind of like, I just don't want to be here. Amazingly, Dipal was able to guide me to places that needed to be healed, particularly places that I didn't even mention, she worked on major organs, glands, the reproductive system, and while doing this, I felt intense energy moving in all areas that she was working on. Since then I have decreased pain, increased energy, with better focus and clarity. What I loved the most, is Dipal Shah's fun loving personality, her energy is contagious in the best way possible, it makes healing all the more fun and pleasurable. Dipal I look forward to working with you further in the future.

Maria Giantsios

Hara Line: Access To Your Soul's Intention

Hara Alignment Soul Purpose Reconnection Workshop

Discover Your 8 Intuitive Clairs Workshop

11 Days Of Powerful Remote Transfusion