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A reading with Sohail is an absolute must for everyone interested in
getting clear and accurate guidance and answers for there lives, both personally and professionally…I have had multiple readings with Sohail and plan on having more sessions in the future….Sohail is an absolute gem!, I recommend him wholeheartedly “. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to speak with such a wonderful and gifted man…


My session with Sohail was eye opening. He was able to identify specific issues that helped craft the direction of my coming year. He's incredible if you want to know your direction and important decisions that you may need to make.


What if you could have a guide help you map out EXACTLY the right path for your 2024 Divine Destiny?

So that you actualize your Divine Destiny in 2024 WITHOUT detours...

Sohail Khan Yousafzai is opening his calendar for 10 people to help you take the RIGHT STEPS in 2024 towards your destiny so you can stop wasting time and finally create the life you were meant to create!

If you've been wanting to make goals and a plan in ALL areas of your life for 2024, why not have a Quantum Jumper by your side? 
For 10 of you...it's possible NOW!

As woo woo and incredible as jumping dimensions sounds, we recently learned from experts like Pam Oslie, that such things are not only possible but ALREADY EXIST. 

There are people who are regularly jumping through dimensions and can read timelines in people’s lives easily. Having access to such a person at the right time or at a fork in the road is critical and can be a total game changer. 

How would YOU like to not only have a plan for 2024, but also know that you can get there quickly, without all the detours and speed bumps along the way!

With Sohail's help you can...

  • Find answers to something that has happened in the past or is happening in the present that is puzzling.
  • Make decisions that require you to make a choice ... should I do this or that?
  • Should I stay or leave? Is this relationship meant to last if I put in effort or should I part amicably now?
  • Health issues: Current or future (Yes you will be able to see if few years down the road someone will face issues in any area so they can adjust their behavior now)
  • If you’re going through a challenge now: When will it end? How can I make it easier on myself or what can I do to mitigate this so it will go away ASAP?
  • What is written in your destiny? How to change what you don’t like.
  • Questions about loved ones, family members, children.

Check out the rave reviews from Sohail's clients...

This was truly the most profound reading of my entire life.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to be a member of the Bliss Up Community and to give you feedback on the PROFOUND reading I had with Sohail on Saturday.

First of all, I felt like I was in the presence of a truly spiritual being and I felt blessed by the contact.

Second, Sohail started by telling me things about myself he could not possibly have known, such as where I work and that I have been here for over 20 years (all true of course). 

Third, Sohail shocked me by telling me I was "part of his line" and therefore I am a future "dimension-jumper" as well!!! This surprised and delighted me, because I am currently investigating transitioning my administrative academic career to becoming a sound healer, but I never thought being a "dimension-jumper" like Sohail would be a possibility for me.

Fourth, Sohail answered ALL of my future questions in detail, and while I definitely would like to have another reading with Sohail in the future, it would most likely be in 2023.

Sohail and I forged a real spiritual connection and this was truly the most profound reading of my entire life.

I am SO delighted I found out about Bliss Up and that I am a member of this amazing community.

Eram, thank you so much for all that you do and I wish you every happiness, now and always!!!!! 


Sohail’s guidance was phenomenal

I was totally blown away with my reading today with Sohail! He was incredible and lived up to every high expectation you set up of his abilities. And he was beyond charming and supportive and he even let me ask him questions beyond the time allotted for me, which was so generous of him and I'm so enormously grateful.

Thank you so much for sharing him with your community: it was such a blessing to have a reading with him and his guidance was phenomenal. I feel so privileged that I could have a reading with him when only a few months ago, I didn't know anything about you or your community.

So I write with gratitude, appreciation and thanks. I have only praise for you and your community, healers and oracles that you share so generously.


Transcendental level up from other oracles I have consulted

I had my session with Sohail, and I have signed up for another one! It was divine. Definitely a transcendental level up from other oracles I have consulted. 

The deep peace and at once utter joy I experienced during and after the call, feelings that have lasted long after, were so welcome at this time when I was seeking answers and reassurance on certain questions.

My questions were answered fully, and with great sensitivity to me as a person. And we went beyond those questions to more areas! I am deeply happy with this and am very much looking forward to my next session!

Suffice to say that I most definitely recommend Sohail to others!


After my session was over I was in a daze thinking of everything he said!

My session with Sohail was amazing!! He was incredibly accurate. It was beyond my expectations.

Sohail answered all my questions and then some. He was generous with his time and energy. I was very nervous in the beginning of my session but he made me feel very welcome, comfortable and relaxed right away. 

I would love the opportunity to work with Sohail again. Sohail is incredible.

After my session was over I was in a daze thinking of everything he said. I hope I have the opportunity to have another session with Sohail. Thank you Eram. Thank you Sohail.


Happy to hear about my future and what that might look like

I totally benefited from the session with Sohail and I was particularly happy to hear about my future and what that might look like!

The first indication that Sohail connected with me on a quantum level was his immediately mentioning my late husband’s name.  Even though my husband  made his transition in 2004 he is still very present in my life. Sohail said Walter would like me to be with him on the Other Side but that I still had work to do here on the planet.  And that has been my understanding also.  

He also confirmed that certain plans that have been delayed would come to fruition by the end of the year or at the beginning of 2023. That was a relief to know as it related to the resolution of a financial situation. 

Sohail explained very clearly how quantum jumping worked and how the soul left the body and visited other times or realms to get the information requested. I was very satisfied by the way Sohail addressed all my questions and would definitely recommend him to others.

I would certainly consider working with Sohail again.

I very much appreciate your introducing him to the FHTJ and Bliss Up Community


Overawed by Sohail’s ability which allows him to have a precognition of the future inspired by his connection to the divine!

Recently I had a wonderful opportunity of having a session with Sohail and was overawed by his ability which allows him to have a precognition of the future inspired by his connection to the divine.

In talking to him, I found him to have a very patient and down to earth demeanor as he converses with an ease and a compassionate understanding. 

I do believe that his insights are profoundly guided by his connection to the divine as he reveals what he can "see" in a very direct but compassionate and non judgemental manner. He offers wise counsel on what one can do to make things better and his commitment to helping people really comes through in his effort to satisfy all questions in the interactions.

I was very happy after the session and would recommend him highly to anyone who has questions about their lives. I certainly hope he offers more sessions so that more and more people can benefit from his God given ability. It was a pleasure to interact with him and get answers to my questions


Is Quantum Jumping Similar to a Psychic Reading?

No! While it is true that we can’t measure the phenomenon of dimension jumping as it happens, science has been able to explain that it does happen and HOW it happens.

According to Einstein,
TIME is the fourth dimension.

And just like you exist in the 3 dimensional world, you also exist in this 4th dimension, but you just don’t know how to navigate it yet.

A dimension jumper is able to control and focus their frequency so that they are able to jump to the other dimension(s) to find the answers WHILE also being present in the present dimensions so they can relay & describe what they are seeing in the future or the past.

Meet Sohail Khan Yousafzai

Sohail Khan Yousafzai has been Eram's personal oracle for many years now and she considers him now to be a dear friend. He is an accomplished and seasoned quantum jumper/oracle/reader of timeliness. While he has been flying through dimensions for over 30 years to guide people in their lives through his profoundly accurate readings, he has NEVER marketed him services on any public platform. EVER! 

That’s because he likes to stay under the radar and only works with people that come through a personal introduction or referral. You can hear his mind blowing story on the call with Eram….it’s the kind of stuff straight out of a sci-fi movie!

Eram has known him for many years now and has witnessed first hand the incredible accuracy of his talents & predictions. While she wanted for many years to introduce him on her show, he wasn’t ready and didn’t feel it was time. But now he feels that the world is in need of his services and he has allowed Eram to introduce him on her platform.

One of the reasons for his reluctance was that Sohail’s day job is one of the toughest in the world: Test pilot. In his youth he was a Fighter Pilot for Pakistan Air Force and fought in missions.  

He later left the Air Force and Pakistan to  become a test pilot; a job only the best of pilots can perform. Test pilots have to be the best because they fly planes that are not yet proven so they have to react quickly if anything goes wrong. They make sure these new planes are operational and have no faults. Sohail was a test pilot for fighter jets like the F-16 and later he became a test pilot for well known aircraft manufacturing companies. He’s still currently employed as a senior test pilot.

Sohail’s 1-1 Sessions are available for 2024 Divine Destiny Planning!
At a discounted rate….ONLY for 10 Lucky FHTJ Community Members!

If you are interested in getting some real answers for your 2024 Divine Destiny, get a session with Sohail NOW.

He can not only “read” your past, present and future timelines, he can suggest remedies in order to change the future to a favorable outcome. Sohail believes that anything is possible through the power of prayer which is often the remedy he recommends.

Each session he conducts, starts with an energy container of the highest Divine frequencies so you are actually get healing as the reading is going on.

What Happens In a 1-1 Session With Sohail?

There is usually A LOT of information that comes through in each session. So in order to make the most of each session, we have arranged for you:

  • A 60 min 1-1 session on Zoom which will be recorded. 

    It will be audio only but the recording will be provided to you as there is a lot of information that flows through.

  • Prepare your most pressing 3 questions and ask them first. Once these are answered and there is still time left, you may ask another question or simply ask him to tell you what else is coming through.

In his many experiences with people and traveling through the universes, Sohail has developed a deep and abiding respect for The Divine, The Creator. 

He prides himself in being a humble slave to The Creator and holds His/Her will as the absolute. 

While being a devout Muslim, he holds all religions and beliefs to be sacred. As long as you believe there is a Divine Intelligence of some sort out there, you will be able to benefit from his work. Even if you are an atheist, you can get the answers you seek, but the remedies he suggests to fix a timeline (if required) may or may not be in alignment with your beliefs.

So if you’re ready to open the doors and REVEAL your 2024 Divine Destiny, GET YOUR SESSION with Sohail Khan now...

There are ONLY 10 SPOTS OPEN!

Grab One of the 10 1-1 2024 Divine Destiny Sessions with Sohail NOW!

One of the most common feedback of Sohails readings is “When Sohail talks about what he is “receiving” it can be so out of the box and out of one’s awareness that it leaves people speechless.”

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