Health & Happiness
Quantum Infusions

20 Powerful Frequencies to Increase Your Vitality, Joy and More!

Health and happiness go hand in hand, it's nearly impossible to have one without the other.

These Quantum Infusions are designed for you to use as a hack to IMMEDIATELY increase your vitality, happiness and frequency ON DEMAND
& UPLEVEL the quality of your life to live your best life possible.

Inside, you'll find short, yet POWERFUL Quantum Infusions to use ON DEMAND when you need them the most.

  • Healing your organs
  • Stopping cravings...
  • Boosting your immune system..
  • Relieving stress...
  • Finding joy ...
  • Raising your vibration

And Bonuses Quantum Infusions for

  • Love
  • Abundance
  • Ascension
  • And more ...

Whether you're looking to heal your body, mind or spirit, these proven, powerful health and happiness Quantum Infusions will help you on your journey.

You will FEEL the difference in your overall well being...
Start Using Them TODAY!

20 Quantum Infusions MP3s + 5 Bonus MP3s

$297  $147 Only!

Health & Happiness Quantum Infusions!

Health & Happiness
Quantum Infusions

These Quantum Infusions Can Be YOURS NOW!


Heal your internal organs and DNA through the highest frequencies available on the planet - MP3
Retail Price $27

This unique Quantum Infusion of the highest vibrations of the 5 Elements in your organs and viscera. By doing so, an energy impulse is given to the energy fields of your whole body (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) to start its way towards your own perfect DNA.


Powerfully Rejuvenate & Regenerate - MP3
Retail Price $27

The daily wear and tear of our life activities result in a lot of stress and anxiety which takes its toll on your body.

This Quantum Infusion will jump start your body's regenerative powers by downloading and activating the blueprints necessary for regeneration and ensuring that your Higher Self is maximally aligned with Divine Source in guiding the regeneration process. 

Frequencies of raw materials needed will also be infused and the program will automatically customize this for each person if it is necessary. 

Blocks and interferences preventing you from tapping into your innate regeneration powers will also be removed layer by layer as you continue listening to this MP3. 


Releasing Addictions/Cravings - MP3
Retail Price $27

Addictions and Cravings can not only put on the unnecessary pounds but addictions can also be bad habits that are not serving you or not fulfilling your life to its highest purpose.

This Quantum Infusion is going to address the root cause why you go into addictive behaviors and begin with.

  • Release Addiction/Cravings
  • Release Abandonment issues
  • Release Resentment
  • Release Fear
  • Reset brain circuits
  • Eliminate urges
  • Strengthen the Limbic System
  • Eliminate relapse


Recalibrating your Gut to Brain Connection for Optimal Health - MP3
Retail Price $27

An unhealthy gut actually sends the wrong signals to your brain which results in your brain sends signals back that don't serve your body for optimal health. This Quantum Infusion is going to recalibrate that all important connection and is going to reconnect & revitalize this ALL IMPORTANT pathway from your Gut to your Brain.


Divine Touch for Immediate Pain Relief - MP3
Retail Price $27

Have a boobo or ouchy hurt? Use this Quantum Infusion and feel better. Countless celestial helpers present to soothe and comfort you and the ouchy. A must-have for any first aid kit!

Use it as often as you need when you or someone have a boobo or outchy. You can use this anywhere and to help anyone just like an energetic first aid. 

Can use either MP3 version music or soundless. When unable to play or on-the-go, can also be used by intention, just say “Divine Touch” mp3 and the healing energies will be present right away as if you are actually playing it. 

Safe for ALL to use and for the Highest and best good of all. Please DO NOT use this MP3 while you are driving or performing tasks that require your 100% attention as you may be in an altered or spacey state.


Vibrant Health Affirmations with Quantum Anchoring! - MP3
Retail Price $27

Your words create your reality.

These 100% positive affirmations are Higher Truths to boost your vitality,

improve your relationship with your body and enhance your mood and inner joy!

Includes quantum anchoring with color and touch for added healing power.

You may listen to this healing audio while meditating or sleeping, OR while going about your day, while cooking, exercising, driving, working... anytime. 

Here's to your vibrant + radiant health!


Fall in Love with the Most Important Person - Your Physical Body - MP3
Retail Price $27

Do you judge your body? Do you wish you were taller, shorter, thinner, heavier, or just different than what you see in the mirror? 

Begin to embrace your body in this activation with Bonnie Serratore.


Immediate Immune System Boost - MP3
Retail Price $27

This powerful Quantum Infusion will give your immune system an energetic upgrade so that you have immunity against psychic free radicals (other people’s judgments, issues, projections and anger). It will clear all the negativity in your energy field, release any energetic distortions and stop energy leakages that may contribute to a compromised immune system.

Your immune system will be re-aligned to it’s Divine Blueprint so that it’s in resonance with a health and strong immune system. Great to use when you feel symptoms of the seasonal cold/flu. Also when you feel tired and drained.

You immune system is also about your sense of self so this immune booster will energized your sense of self giving you a sense of being that feels powerful and grounding. Great to use for the times when you feel pulled in too many directions. Will also quiet mind chatter.


Revitalize and Restore Your Hormones to Optimal Levels - MP3
Retail Price $27

Your endocrine system provides a very important role in making sure that your body’s organ and systems, especially your hormonal system, throughout the body are in balance. Without a properly running endocrine system, you could be experiencing exhaustion, memory loss, sleep issues, skin issues, weakness, muscle soreness and so much more.

Listen to this Quantum Infusion to revitalize and restore your endocrine glands back into balance for better health and well being.


Kidney and Bladder Stone Buster - MP3
Retail Price $27

In this activation, Arch Angel Raphael will bathe you with frequencies to dismantle, disintegrate, and dissolve the energies contained in kidney and bladder stones. Listen to the lovely sound vibration and frequency to dissolve kidney and bladder stones. This MP3 can be played on loop and silent while you sleep or rest.


Dial Up on Fun Now - MP3
Retail Price $27

The vibration of Fun has not been given much significance on most spiritual paths in recent history, and many of you have adopted this very serious attitude, as you have tried to diligently practice being spiritual and fix yourselves or prove yourselves worthy. 

Now this seriousness and “trying hard” vibration leads to a contraction in your energy field that actually slows the process of transformation down significantly. 

So, with this Light Language Quantum Infusion we are intending to help you Lighten up, to relax, and invite the high vibration of Fun into your Life so that you can allow more expansion and freedom in your field and thus allow the process of releasing your density to occur more comfortably, gracefully, and quickly. We intend to help you release the negative connotations that the vibration of fun has been indoctrinated with, letting go of the idea that fun is a waste of time, a distraction, a childish pursuit to indulge in, so that you can let go of your guilt around having high vibrational fun and enjoying Laughter.


Raise Your Happiness Vibration and Live in Joy - MP3
Retail Price $27

This Quantum Infusion MP3 is a music track that is infused with the energies of happiness and joy so that you can open up to Being in happiness and live with joy, from joy and in-joy your life. Can be looped and played in the background. The more you use it the more you will see happiness and joy returning to your life.


Activate Your Inner Lioness & Awaken Fierce Body Love - MP3
Retail Price $27

Activate your power to protect what is precious. You are precious, your body is precious and so is your life! Go on a guided journey that takes you into the heart of your power chakra (chakra 3) and will awaken your Inner Lioness. Your Inner Lioness is the aspect of you that is grounded, clear seeing and fierce! Fierce energy cultivates your natural ability to protect and nurture you own precious self with engaged and loving connection. Your Inner Lioness will ignite your inner flames for more vibrancy, vitality and will amplify your ability to transform on all levels!

You will:

  • Experience engaged chakra alignment
  • Activate your solar plexus chakra
  • Ignite body confidence
  • Connect your actions with your heart


Quiet Mind, Peaceful Heart - MP3
Retail Price $27

This seven-minute Quantum Infusion is a guided exercise to help you release stress from your mind and heart. It will bring you to a state of calmness and relaxation, which is best for overall healing, and the first step in making you clear and ready to manifest miracles.


Clear Fear & Resistance - MP3 
Retail Price $27

Blessing Quantum Infusion to clear Resistance & Fear holding you back from moving forward on your Spiritual Path, within your Life, and in other obscure areas that these frequencies are blocking you from being You. 

This isn't about excommunicating, denying or killing, murdering or massacring Fear and Resistance- that would be rude, violent and perpetually create unconsciousness. This is integrating the triggers, re-balancing, and shifting the relationship You have with the Divine Soul of Resistance and Divine Soul of Fear. Let’s turn Fear and Resistance into BEST FRIENDS instead of Enemies, and see them as the Gifts of Divine Protection they TRULY are!

So sit back, relax, breathe and allow your own hold and death grip of fear and resistance to dissolve and be washed clean


Self-Love Sanctuary - MP3
Retail Price $27

This Self-Love Sanctuary Quantum Infusion releases self-judgment about past choices, fears, paths, and any other perceived obstacles in life with the assistance of Isis and Venus.

This MP3 uses Theta brainwave vibrations to go deep into unconscious programs to release them along with Binaural beats technology to balance both hemispheres of the brain. There is a guided meditation in the beginning to get you centered, balanced, and grounded and then goes into music that I infused with self love energy. Listening to it daily before sleep with headphones will keep your energy clear and focused. Please do not listen to this while driving and drink a lot of water as this is powerful stuff.


Expand into New Levels of Who You Are - MP3
Retail Price $27

This Quantum Infusion will lift you up and assist you into stepping into who you are at new levels. It will support you in opening up to new possibilities and living dreams not yet attained.


Cosmic Stargate Activation - Video
Retail Price $27

Activate peace, balance and harmony into your life daily with this Cosmic Stargate Activation! This Quantum Infusion helps you connect with the Holy Spirit to activate your inner creator to manifest for your highest and best good.


 Lowering Stress - MP4
Retail Price $27

Stress! We are all living with an overwhelming amount of stress these days. However, what stress does to your health and happiness can be detrimental to your overall well being.

This Quantum Infusion is designed for you to lower your stress any time it’s needed. Listen to it over and over again and watch stress and anxiety release from your body so you can live a happier, healthier life


I Am The I AM – Authentic Self Confidence - MP3
Retail Price $27

It’s time to stop playing small! 

Allow this energetic encoded Quantum Infusion to augment and integrate the energy of True Source Authentic Self Confidence into all levels of your Consciousness, Beingness, and Auric field to raise your vibration and step into 100% Self Confidence. 

This activation is perfect to listen to whenever you need a boost of bravery before you step out in the world, facing the day with the Power and the BIGNESS of your Higher Self.



Creating Sacred Space under Divine Law - MP3
Retail Price $27

Create a Sacred Space… Under Divine Law! Cast a Sacred Wall of Light around your property & belongings so that no harm or interference may take place. 

Listen to this Quantum Infusion mp3 Daily to make sure that you and everything you care about is protected


3000 Blessings Activation for Love and Prosperity- MP3
Retail Price $27

Receive 3000 blessings for love and prosperity in this unity consciousness activation facilitated by the Goddess Lakshmi!


Unconditional Love Quantum Infusion - MP3
Retail Price $27

Powerful Quantum Infusion to call back your energy and to activate unconditional self-love.


  • Retrieval of soul fragments and energies you’ve left in the past, future, or with others
  • Reclaiming yourself and releasing cords, hooks, and energies of others
  • Pulling limiting beliefs around love including being unlovable, unworthy, unsafe, and obligations to love
  • Integrating deep love for yourself, your mind, mistakes, and inner critic
  • Filling your body with compassion, unconditional love and self-forgiveness


On the Go Frequency Boost - MP3
Retail Price $27

This Quantum Infusion MP3 contains energy infused background music to raise your vibration into pure source energies. This Mp3 clears, cuts cords, raises your vibration for perfectly balanced protection from false light attachments, collective energies, and anything else that might interfere with your path.

This MP3 keeps you "in the zone" all day, so you are in the perfect space to create and manifest your highest possible outcomes.

This MP3 contains divine protection and is infused with essential oils, crystals, and energy to support a high vibration


Timeline Shift - MP3
Retail Price $27

Take a journey into a new timeline with this Quantum Infusion, where you will release darkness and negative energy so you can travel into the Piscean Age, into a place where you will step into…

  • Abundance
  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Bliss
  • Beauty 
  • Harmony
  • And so much more!

This Quantum Infusion is designed to activate your Divine DNA codes and Divine Self. Bask in the energy of Divine Health, Divine Wealth, Divine Relationships, Divine Light, Divine Love, and Divine Power as they ingrate fully into your being!


This process works with your intention. Every time the energy works just for you!

Today for the process I chose the yellow room intuitively and the golden switch. It's Sunday, I want a happy day, with yellow colours . The weather is Belgium is cold and rainy. I don't want worries or difficulties today, so, I think that's why my intuition guided me to the yellow room. I wanted something very uplifting and sunny.

I felt soft movement of the sun both of my arms and shoulders. I was able to breathe very deeply and calmly. That was good! Movements and little bits of warmth all over the body, very subtle.

The next day I chose the silver room and a silver switch. I could feel huge movements in my whole upper body and I was very calm. My mind was also calm! This was very important to me!

This meditation works with your intention. Every time the energy works just for you!



My son is happier and more co-operative

I LOVE this spray and its effects. Both cats’ eyes are like diamonds and their fur is glistening. My son is happier, more cooperative, and his dog has become a love bug. Ok, I carrying it with me everywhere I go!! Thanks Dr. Karen, not only for all these gift tools, but your mere presence is like encountering a modernized Quan Yin. All the other info has helped me tremendously already; energy rising, synapses connecting, and maybe Humpty Dumpty has been put back together again! Thank you, thank you, thank you.....and I send love to all in return. Warm Blessings to you and our wonderful group in the Bootcamp.



My Aura was Exploding!

Before meeting my friend for dinner Oct 9, I told her I would ask her if she noticed any changes in me. I spritzed myself and our booth before she arrived. She arrived and said I was "Vibrant", she was "feeding off my amazing energy", my aura was exploding with the full colors of the rainbow and she had never seen that around ANY person. I had a whole new power and could have anything I wanted. And the previous time she saw me, was the day before I received Dr. Karen Kan's “magic spray.

Susan Bayard Rifkin

I can finally sleep!

I finally got to make my bottle of spray and misted my bedroom last night before bed. After almost 5 nights of barely any sleep, last night I was able to fall fast asleep and woke feeling so refreshed, motivated and raring to GO! Thank you again for sharing this.

Sarah Otis

There was so much happening I slept for 4 hours when we were done

Thank you so much for our session. My body just kept processing.....

Stacy P

My energy has improved significantly – wow – thank you.

The supportive resources that you provided after the full balancing session is so empowering.I look forward to more.

Carey Evans

Feelings of hope, belief, spiritual strength and knowing that all is perfect as is

It brings with it elated feelings of hope, belief, spiritual strength and knowing that all is perfect as is. I found this track to be most beneficial in helping me trust my guidance, have easier time being in the flow and trusting my journey. I listened to it once while I was feeling anxious, overwhelmed and angry and felt noticeable shift in mood. I now know that guidance never leaves me and with proper intention I can always remain connected to Source.



Gives me security and rest for my body and mind

I feel that listening to the MP3 gives me a rest in my body and mind and I'm left with a comfortable feeling afterwards. It gives me some kind of security and I do not get so easily tilted by the stick.



Able to Recognize myself Again

Thank you for everything that you do. I’m very grateful and feel blessed to have come across your work. It’s been life changing. I am starting to recognize myself again but in a better way. I haven’t felt like that in too long of a time.


Helped me Feel Empowered, Strong and Free to be MySelf

Matt and ManTarA have helped me tremendously with facing my fears. With their guidance, I have an actual tool to work with versus letting my fears drown me. I've learned to surrender and work with the Divine directly instead of struggling and forcing to make something happen. They have helped me feel Empowered, Strong and Free to be myself.


I Can Play them all Day and Stay in the Vibrations of Joy and Fun

I love these!

I first started using them on loop in the background of my life. I immediately noticed subtle shifts in my mood and thoughts. Because the tracks are brief none lasted long enough to get hooked into, but it made me aware of what was releasing. What a wonderful tool for self-awareness.

Delighted to say that just a couple of weeks later I can play them all day and stay in the vibrations of Joy and Fun. The waves have gently washed so much out of my field! Thank you Matt 



Unhealthy Cravings Completely Gone!

Everything has been amazing, I don't crave ANYMORE and I now make conscious and natural choices. What really awesome is that I have released so much! I am feeling so much lighter! I've gotten so much stronger. I love this program!



My inner voice is now supporting me in loving ways I never thought possible!

I was at war with my body. I was constantly talking about my body and my diet in a very critical and negative way…constantly putting and pulling myself down. Saying things to myself like: “you’re so ugly”, “why did you eat that…you know it doesn’t make you feel good”, “I feel so ashamed”… This course guided me to feel safe enough to allow my heart chakra to open. I felt my heart softened and my words became gentler and more supportive, more encouraging towards myself. My inner voice is now supporting me in loving ways I never thought possible!

Ann L. Durham


Confident About My Next Steps, Anxiety Gone

I received this beautiful attunement this morning. It was a very good experience, I felt the energies working in my being and I felt the "key" spinning and working inside me. After the attunement, I felt so peaceful and calm, and this yummy sensation in my being that everything its going to be okay. I know what my next steps are, and I don't feel stress about it anymore. I am a healer, and I know that with this attunement my healing abilities will get stronger and that I could now step out of my comfort zone and start my mission. Thank you so much for this beautiful opportunity.!!!!!

Georgina Sanchez

My neck which was in pain for two days has gone and I felt my heart became lighter

During the activation I felt my whole head get heavy and about 5 minutes towards the end of head suddenly heated up and I broke out into a major sweat. My neck which was in pain for two days has gone and I felt my heart became lighter. Amazing! Thanks and appreciation.

Angela Cheong

I am Powerful

From time to time, I would suddenly say out loud in front of my boyfriend that “I am powerful”. This is an auto expression springs from within, a joyous flow without knowing exactly how. I also notice that it feels good, there is less and less resistance and discomfort of acknowledging that it is the birth right of a Divine being.


Hong Kong

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