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Almost a thousand people and counting… have transformed their mental, emotional and spiritual lives

Embark on this journey of a lifetime to find your true self and connect with the Divine Source. 
The Connection Code Course is designed to teach you the real art of inner healing.

 My perception about life has changed tremendously.. Even my relationship with my spouse has become better!


My connection with the divine improved markedly. I have even become more tolerant and forgiving to my family members.

Zainab M

I have never seen such massive transformation in my life.


I have gotten a new lease on life and happiness due to this course


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Eram's 30 Days To Transformation Course has already helped to transform the lives of almost 1000 women in a culture where they faced extreme oppression. The course works because it shows tried and tested ways using ancient Sufi secrets.

Transformation data from previous students


Achieved Inner Peace


Were able to connect to God


Improved their Relationships

"When your inner reality shifts, your whole life changes."

This course was gifted to Eram by Divine Inspiration because she was facing issues of people that were at an extreme.
In Eram's own words

In my 11 years as a leading transformation telesummit host, I have seen every course and tool out there for self development and I am honestly shocked how powerful this course is. I have yet to see the kind of success rates in any other course that 30 Days To Transformation has produced. I firmly believe it's because of the combination of the best mind sciences tools I have learned over the years combined with the Sufi teachings of the ancients. Together, they work on a person in ways that are unimaginable and the person sees dramatic shifts within days and weeks.

Eram Saeed

Creator of The Connection Code


  • The best of mind sciences techniques to change thoughts and beliefs
  • The ancient teachings and tools of Sufi Masters that will not only heal a person's mind, body and heart energetically but also help cultivate a deep, trusting and loving relationship with the Divine.

PART 1: Why Learning About Your Thoughts is Essential to Personal Growth

People often underestimate the power of their thoughts, and how much influence they have on their daily lives. However, understanding your thoughts and how they shape your experiences is critical to personal growth and development. In this course, Eram uses the best techniques she has learned after interviewing the world's top coaches for over 11 years. You will explore why learning about your thoughts is essential, and how you can begin to take control of them to achieve your goals and improve your wellbeing.


Thoughts Create Your Reality

Your thoughts are incredibly powerful, and they can shape your perception of reality. For example, if you have negative thoughts about yourself or your abilities, it can lead to feelings of low self-confidence and self-doubt. On the other hand, if you have positive thoughts and beliefs about yourself, it can lead to increased self-esteem and a greater sense of self-worth. By understanding your thoughts, you can begin to take control of them and shape your reality in a positive way.


Thoughts Drive Behavior

Your thoughts also have a significant influence on your behavior. For instance, if you have negative thoughts about a situation or person, it can affect the way you interact with them. Similarly, positive thoughts can inspire you to take action and pursue your goals. By learning about your thoughts, you can become more aware of how they are driving your behavior, and make conscious choices that align with your values and long-term objectives.


Thoughts Impact Emotions

Your thoughts also have a direct impact on your emotions. Negative thoughts can induce feelings of anxiety, stress, and sadness, while positive thoughts can lead to feelings of happiness and contentment. By understanding your thoughts, you can identify negative thought patterns that may be contributing to negative emotions, and work to replace them with positive ones that inspire feelings of joy and peace.


Thoughts Can Help You Overcome Challenges

When faced with challenges or obstacles, your thoughts can help you overcome them or create more significant problems. Positive thoughts can help you stay motivated and focus on the solutions rather than the problems. Negative thoughts, on the other hand, can lead to self-doubt, procrastination, and giving up too soon. By understanding your thoughts, you can choose to respond to challenges with a positive mindset and generate innovative solutions.

Your thoughts create your reality, drive your behavior, impact your emotions, and help you overcome challenges. By taking control of your thoughts, replacing negative thought patterns with positive ones, you can begin to experience a more fulfilling and joyful life. Start to practice mindfulness and reflection consistently to gain greater self-awareness and the power to take control of your thoughts.

Listen to them talk about their experience from this course


A human is not just a brain or a body. The most important component of a human is often overlooked because we can't see it. THE SOUL. It's actually who we are in essence. The body is directly impacted by the condition of the soul. A healthy soul leads to a healthy mind and body and vice versa.


If connection with God/Divine is not strong, Soul feels dead:

In order for the soul to be healthy and happy, it must have a constant, loving connection with its source: God/Divine. If this connection is not strong, we feel empty and restless and no amount of self development can fill that void.


Who took "spirit" out of spirituality?

The irony of the new age, spiritual movement is that it has surreptitiously taken God/Spirit out of the equation. Teaching us that "we are the sole masters of our destinies" or "we can manifest whatever we want." This has led to a disconnect from The Divine source thereby leaving us empty. Further, when we are not able to manifest (which happens to everyone whether we admit it or not), we are left feeling broken. As if we are doing something wrong.


Absolute surrender = Absolute Liberation & Peace:

Eram learnt the secret to true liberation after getting frustrated with such teaching of a decade-long journey that real happiness, contentment and peace comes from absolute surrender to The Divine. That you can TRUST in His/Her love even while facing challenges and remain in peace.


The magical Combo:

Combination of mind techniques and sufi spirituality has created dramatic results for over 1000 clients, both Muslims and Non Muslims. These principles are based in universal truth and do not belong to any religion or sect. Eram is always humbled and honored to share these with whoever wants to dramatically shift their lives. She doesn't take credit for these teachings as they are a gift from her Best Friend: God. She is simply the vehicle.

Eram's own Favorite Energy Healing Tool:

Another Sufi secret healing technique that creates MIRACLES! Eram uses it for anything and everything: health, finances, decision making, her children, world name it

My Connection to Allah (swt) improved markedly...I have even become more tolerant and forgiving of my family members!

“I have done numerous courses, online as well as in person. The 30 Days Transformation Course has influenced me in a very profound way.

I was facing issues of complete disharmony and emotional upheaval. Being in a state of upset and detached from my family members. Being irritable, losing temper often and generally out of sorts, for most of the time.
A state of contraction (as mentioned in one of the sessions of the course).. this state continued for many months.

On a scale from 0 to 10….. I was at 3 or 4

The transformation took place in a very subtle way. It was gradual; accompanied by a peaceful bliss that can be described as a beautiful dream.

Firstly, my Connection to Allah swt improved markedly. I have started enjoying my prayers and wait for the opportunity to connect with Him swt on a daily basis.

Secondly, I have become more tolerant and forgiving of my family members. Previously there used to be a daily tussle on trivial matters which would invariably escalate to quarrels.
Alhamdulilah now, every day is a joy; and peaceful coexistence.

My work life has improved as well.

I am on the road to recovery; yet there’s a way to go ahead.. meaning I would definitely be on the lookout for more of these or similar courses/ seminars.


My intuition and manifestation abilities have improved since doing this course!

On the re assessment of the scale (mentioned in the beginning of the course) I am now at 7 or 8 ( from 3-4) on the 0 to 10 scale.

Additional benefits noticed:
My intuition has improved to a great extent.
Manifestation ability has taken a boost Alhamdulilah. (e.g: I think of a person, and , there they appear. (SubhanAllah.!! Can’t thank Allah enough)

I would definitely recommend this course to others; whom I feel would benefit by it. Even though it is expensive; but I think it’s worthwhile to invest in self development and improve the quality of one’s life; because it will have an exponential growth effect on the lives of the family and also everyone else like close friends and associates, thus improving the quality of life of the community around us.

The course developers (Ms Eram Saeed and Natasha Saeed) have done a great favour. As I have not come across a course of this calibre and impact in Pakistan, before this course.

I hope and pray that we can be blessed with more of these beneficial courses often in this country. It is the need of these changing times. Every change, be it personal or collective, needs to be addressed and attended to in a constructive way.

I would like to wish all my fellow participants and the co-ordinators of this course, the very best of luck and best wishes for success in every endeavour they embark upon.


Who is this for?

This is for spiritual people who feel that they have been misled because of the law of attraction and laws of manifestation. Who also feel a yearning to reconnect with the divine. Because the western spiritual movement has taken “spirit out of spirituality.”

It’s for people who want to cure their anxiety, depression, fear, insecurities, need for validation, loneliness, and want to build a strong connection with Self and Divine. It is for people who want to face challenges in life with trust, confidence, and peace, knowing that no matter what happens, the Divine is their best friend, and always has their back.


Class 1

  • The secret to life
  • Sacred contract of the soul that no one ever told you about
  • Working with the most powerful force that creates your reality: perception
  • Exercises + Live Q&A with Eram

Class 2

  • The fastest way on the planet  to reprogram your neuropathways
  • Introduction to the most powerful energy healing tool (description: after 11 years of running on of the top energy healing summits in the world and producing a ground breaking docuseries, this is the one tool that Eram routinely uses with her family)
  • Exercises + Live Q&A with Eram

Class 3

  • Resting in God: How to embody and trust God's unconditional love
  • The secret ways trauma is keeping you disconnected from the divine
  • Uncovering the deception of the ego to keep us in pain
  • Exercises + Live Q&A with Eram

Class 4

  • The power of forgiveness and how to finally forgive what you have not been able to forgive.
  • Introduction to Byron Katie's work.
  • How to instantly shift into your most powerful position in any situation: 3 types of businesses
  • Time vs truth
  • Exercises + Live Q&A with Eram

Class 5

  • Tauheed: The Sufi concept that will end all misery once and for all
  • How to eradicate all worry about finances and be in peace
  • How to eradicate the need of approval from others
  • Worship: How to feel in presence of divine love at all times.
  • How to eradicate fear of the future
  • Exercises + Live Q&A with Eram

Class 6

  • The end to victimhood
  • The power of responsibility
  • Turn self criticism into self love
  • Eradicate the need of affection from others
  • Making friends with the subconscious
  • Exercises + Live Q&A with Eram

Class 7

  • How to see the blessings in struggle
  • Rumi's poetry
  • Shadow work
  • Developing unshakable trust in the divine
  • How to release the poison of jealousy
  • Exercises + Live Q&A with Eram

Class 8

  • I meet no one but myself
  • Get your daily dose
  • Contraction and expansion
  • True liberation: Submission to the divine
  • Exercises + Live Q&A with Eram

Here Are Some Raving Reviews From Previous Participants of This Course

The tools and techniques taught in the course are something that I have incorporated in my daily routine and I feel much more present, much more centered and connected with myself!

During the pandemic, I see this lovely lady on social media talking about self improvement and busting myths of our culture and religion. I started following her and fell in love with her. Her ideas resonated with mine and I knew I had to learn more from her. 

I joined Eram Saeed's course not because I had a pressing issue that needed immediate attention but  because I love learning. I was on a summer break and wanted to utilize those days productively. What can be more productive than self development?! 

I enjoyed all of her sessions very much. Especially the one in which she broke down the concept of "Tawheed" and explained it so beautifully. That particular lecture was indeed a turning point for me. I watched all her sessions at least 3 times and took notes with diligence. I am extremely happy that I took the course and got to learn so much. The tools and techniques taught in the course are something that I have incorporated in my daily routine and I feel much more present, much more centered and connected with myself. I have learnt to question my thoughts and turn situations around for myself. 

I would highly recommend this course. This course is for anyone and everyone who wishes to take charge of their own life, be empowered and get out of the victim and scarcity mindset. One thing that I like about this course is that complex processes and ideas are delivered in simple easy to understand language and that Eram gives a lot of examples from her own life, so everyone can relate to it. It's a well rounded course and one has ample of time to catch up in case a session is missed since recordings are available.

Self development is a lifelong journey but with this course you can be sure that the seed has been planted in you. Then it's up to you to water it, give it sunlight and love, so the tree blossoms with flowers and fruits. 

Thankyou Eram Saeed for teaching people to wake up to their truest potential.

sumera najaf

My perception about life has changed tremendously...even my relationship with my spouse has become better!

Alhumdulilah Eram Saeed's 30 Days Transformation Course has undoubtedly been a truly remarkable journey for me; a journey of self awareness and acceptance, of healing and growth and most importantly...a journey of finding my way back to Allah!

Before joining this course, I was suffering from a number of things including; unhealed wounds from the sudden loss of an extremely loving parent, anxiety, phases of depression, panic attacks, deteriorating relationship with spouse and  uncontrollable outbursts of anger.  I felt sad, broken and torn from inside.

If I was asked to mark the level of peace and joy I felt in my life, on a scale of 10 (with 1 being the lowest), it would probably fall somewhere between 2-3 maybe. However, slowly and gradually, as I embarked this journey of transformation and self growth with Ms. Eram, I started healing and accepting parts of myself that I had abandoned previously. She gave me the tools that helped me to perceive things from an angle unknown to me before. 

My perception about life has changed tremendously; now I feel grateful for everything that has happened in my life... grateful even for the hurt and pain that I experienced in my life. Not only that, I have gained a better understanding of myself. Alhumdulilah my relationship with my spouse and those around me has become better too.

It has also helped me in unearthing my forgotten goals that I once had! 

During these sessions, I was taught how to deal with painful thoughts of my past, how to find wisdom in my trauma and how to come in harmony with them. Previously, I would need people and their validations to solve my problems for me which is not the case now Alhumdulilah. 

Ms. Eram provided us with amazing self help methods/tools that can be applied to almost any situation and By the Grace of God, they give instant relief to a distressed person.

Though I enrolled in this course for my own anxiety related issues, there were some additional surprising benefits that I got from this course ... one of them was related to parenting;  I realized during this course how in trying to make our kids perfect beings, we make them abandon themselves which results in them eventually hating themselves. So one of the additional benefits that I got from it was understanding my kids' psychology.

I would definitely recommend this course to everybody especially those who are seriously searching for finding peace and joy in their lives.

yaseera m

I feel that I am eager to take any and all courses that Eram has to offer

“I think God directed me towards this course bcs he wanted me to find a way towards him via this course/Eram.

Eram teaches you to handle stress, disappointments in your life with similar grace as one would handle success and that is so beautiful. The best thing is to hear someone’s experiences and then learn is the beauty of this course.

I would say I have learnt the principles that I need to keep practicing in order to reach there exactly. Even though the course is complete, I feel that I am eager to take any and all courses that she has to offer.

bilqis m

This course will help you make your life a lot easier and happier.

I was lost in everything I do. It was so terrible that it affected everything and everyone near me.

I found the answer to a lot of problems in my life. I am happier now.
The most unexpected gift I got from this course is that I have a very clear vision of the love of my Creator. As children we were always thought about the anger/wrath of Allah. If you do this Allah will be angry with you if you do that Allah will punish you. No one thought or made us realize one stanza which I am taking for lifetime “Allah loves me unconditionally”.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone. This will help you make your life a lot easier and happier.

This is a MUST course for everyone. Ms.Eram guides us not for this life only but the next as well. This is a WIN-WIN course for the deen and dunya.

zarina f

Disclaimer - Please note that The Connection Code Course is not a replacement for any conventional treatments and therapy that may be required for any particular condition, and you are encouraged and advised to supplement this program with the support of trained and licensed clinical professionals as may be necessary.

Refund Policy - You will be eligible for refund before classes commence and up to the first session. No refunds after the first session has been availed. 

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